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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Parents' tips: how to cope if your friend keeps comparing her baby to yours

Parents' tips: how to cope if your friend keeps comparing her baby to yours

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Jasmin is 11months, second week

How your baby's growing

Your baby probably enjoys looking at books and leafing through the pages, though she won't always turn them one by one. Indulge in great picture books, or stick with sturdy board books that can stand up to small fingers. To add variety to your baby's reading time and to find out what appeals to her the most, try the childrens' section at a family-friendly book shop.

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**I just found out about this website yesterday and indeed it is very useful and knowledgeable for a new mother like me. They give advice, ideas, tips, guidance, very useful tools and etc from A-Z on babies and parenting. This website is totally awesome!!

Friday, 10 July 2009


If u just realize what i just realized
then we'd be perfect for each other
and we'll never find another
just realized what i just realized
we'd never have to wonder
if we missed out on each other now

Monday, 6 July 2009

I have an Alien inside my tummy !!!

.....Awak, saya mengandung....!! That's the first phrase i ever shout in my life from inside the toilet room(cos before this i was only shouting for my soap, my shampoo, my towel, my toothbrush but not this kind of things..)Hurm... i'm expecting a baby after three month of marriage and a challenging honeymoon.. That is super-fast, for me, i guest..

It was all started when i realize that my period has delayed for about one month++.. I take it as a normal situation as it happened to me before i get married. The un-normality of periodity.. (That is what i always said to myself.. haha)

However, I wake up that morning, some kind of feelings is suddenly come across my mind and my brain keeps telling me "... Maybe i should try to check whether I'm pregnant or not.." Followed by the feelings of curiosity and eagerness of wanting to know something (like I always curious where the hell is my husband always went to) i took the pregnancy test kit and read all the instruction on the plastic cover, i drop my urine on the test kit, and amazingly the colour of the kit change bit by bit and made me thinking on how good the technology nowadays.. In a nano-seconds' i got the answer and it show ...CONGRATS!!UR PREGNANT!! Haha I'm just joking, well actually is shows three lines and its POSITIVE.. Alhamdulillah..

We went to see Dr Ishak O&G KPJ Hospital Seremban to conform and to have more satisfaction of myself. He start to scan my stomach, he put some gelly, and put the scan thing on my stomach and start finding where the baby is.. It was only a dot and it was only six weeks of pregnancy.. "...Tahniah En Razi dan Pn Nor (he call me with that name and i don't know why and i really don't like it) isteri encik mengandung enam minggu.. bla bla bla...."Me and husband thank GOD on the 'rezeki' that He gave us.. Absolutely this is the starting line for us to face all the black and white of life ( i just translate the BM words , hitam putih kehidupan lalala) We have decided to go to the Antenatal class but we missed the class and I just can’t remember why. Hurm… And the story begins...

The things that always going round and round and round my head is H . O . W . am i going to deliver the baby.. How, how, how and how.. The procedure? The process? When? Pain? And of coz the delivering part is horrified me a lot.. I've seen one vids in You Tube once with my housemate and the vids really scared me to death.. Seeing the woman shouting, screaming and the 'best part' is how the doctor used a scissors to cut the thinging below..urghhh its really painfull.. And now i'm going to experiencing it.. GOD Help Me..!!

I had a bad morning sickness on my 1st trimester of pregnancy.. I can't cook, I can't eat, I can't even smell my husbands odour, my mom's cook, and garlic.. I throw away all the perfumes, soaps, shampoo and what ever things with a terrible smell.. I'm starting to throw up all the times when I smell all the things.. Urghhh...it really really makes me sick.. I have a stomach pain most of the time and feels dizzy sometimes.. Uhhh this baby really making my life hard.. But this is only a temporary difficulty.. I manage to handle all this matters with the help of my husband and he understand on the situation that I'm having that time.. (Thanx hubby!!)

On my 2nd trimester of pregnancy, my morning sickness is beginning to over. But I still cannot stand the smell of the garlic.. Yulkss!! It is very disgusting..

However, when my pregnancy is turning to five or six months old, I'm beginning to worry because my tummy is not big like any other pregnant mother. I really don’t look like the shape of a pregnant mother at all. My tummy is so flat and sometimes I don't even realize that actually I'm pregnant (even my husband sometimes didn't realize it and we really have a great time on bed even for sometimes we stop for a moment and he said... ' sayang, awak mengandung lah...bla bla sensored sensored and .. haha 18sx). Even my classmates or my lectures didn't notice that i was actually pregnant as they keep asking me when I'm going to have a baby.. Well, at first, I keep it as a secret, and when they keep asking me (like a mother asking their daughter "...when can i get a granchild...? or are you barren ? or bla.. bla.. bla..), i just give them a smiley face.. "..We'll see..soon.." that's what I told them. (Thanx Ayu (B.F.F.) for keeping it as a secret until me, myself spread it to the whole college..huhu)

On my 3rd trimester (the final month.. jeng..jeng..jeng..), my tummy is getting bigger and absolutely the world can look at it and can tell that I am a pregnant woman.. So they always spare me a seat, they help me carry my books, my bag and sometimes the boys in my class even want to carry me to the class. (I don't understand why my deputy dean put most of my class subject high up in the sky...) Usually I have to climb up till 3rd floor and that’s really tiring me.. Can you imagine I have a kilo's of baby inside my tummy.. Can you imagine it? Sigh~~...

But for the amazing experience ever is how I feel the movement of my baby. My baby moves a lot around my six to eight month of pregnancy. She kicks, she goes round and round and most of the time she always moves on my right side. “..I bet she’ll be an active baby when she come out nanti..” I can see the shape of the baby (maybe her hand or her leg) from my tummy skin whenever she moves. That is so exciting. It makes me wonder if there was an alien inside my tummy. Oh, I really can’t forget that moment especially when my husband was actually talking to her, it was funny.

It's all worth it coz I've manage to grad from my college and I will be graduated in Higher National Diploma in Civil Engineering and my convocation day is on the 9th August 2009... This year is going to be history for myself and my hubby and also for my baby coz Jasmin's 1st birthday is on the 7th August 2009 and 10th August 2009 is my 2nd weeding anniversarry. It's going to be a big celebration for me.. Whole in one!! Yeay . . . ! ! ! (I love you Razi... I love u Jasmin...)

Back to my story (the delivery part)... On the morning of 7th August 2008, after Subuh (when my pregnancy was on 9month++), I woke up and went to pee and suddenly I feel like my short is wet. OH MY GOD!! Is this the time? Is the time coming? But I don't feel any pain. So, like always, I went back to sleep. When I woke up again as my husband is ready to go to work, I went to the toilet again to check my panties again and this is for real. "...Awak!!!Ada darah..!! Tapi saya tak rasa sakit pun..." My hubby quickly call Dr Ishak and he said hurry up admit to the hospital. He worried if I would be delivered at any time coz of the dotted blood. My hubby drove the car (as I can remember, he was driving like an ambulance driver or maybe a F1 driver who beat Michael Schumacer <-- is that a correct spelling?) if he was in a race.. BRAVO Hubby!)

At times I was arriving at the KPJ emergency lobby it was 9am, the nurses sits me on the wheel chair and directly off to the labour room. W.O.W.. The labour room is extremely like five star hotel.. Exclusivelah.. Not bad. One labour room for one mother and they also provide all the foods (my hubby hantam all the foods), drinks, TV, toilet, air-conditioning and so on... All the nurses of KPJ are kind. They calm me and tell me not to worry so much. Really it's a wonderful experience and yet will be remembered for the rest of my lives. (And absolutely they are telling the truth)

Dr Ishak checked whether "my door" is already open or not and he notice me it was only 1cm. So he decided to make "the door" open by breaking it and that is around 11am. My water breaks and followed by a blood. The contraction is becoming frequently around 2pm and I can feel the pain around my back (it feels like having period pain). So, the nurse gives me a shot of painkiller but it still won't work. Because of the terrible pain, the nurse tells me to use the gas but still it doesn't give any effects to me.

I choose to have a normal delivery and I don't prefer for a C-section coz I think it was like a cheating game. I'm playing a real game and feel the pain myself. That is what we called LIFE. I'm strong enough and I have the courage to feels how the normal delivery was all about. (Thanks hubby for always being near with me and see all the process" ....sakit ye tak? Tapi awak kuat..") I'm battling and struggling for about 6-8 hours in the labour room. Well, actually I've make a deal with Dr Ishak to make me deliver at 12midnite coz I'm waiting for 080808 date but unfortunately the nurse have put tah hape medicine tah inside my drip water so that I will deliver early. Alhamdulillah, I deliver my baby around 7pm while watching EZORA last episodes (haha I just can't belive that...)

The moment I hear my baby cried in Dr Ishak hands, I feels relieved. He said with his smiley-tiring-not-enough-sleep-face "….tahniah...baby girl.." I tried to cry but I can't. I don't know why but I know deep inside my heart I've done a great job. I am so proud of myself (haha berlagak la pulak). The nurse takes Jasmin, clean her and put right by my side. I look at her face and I smile. I look for her hand (Thank God ada 10 fingers) I try to breastfeed her and then the nurse took her to the babies room. Dr Ishak continues on the finishing part and I just watch my husband says AZAN to jasmin's ear. He looks happy (but actually he is so scared after watching me screaming and shouting...terketar2 kepala lutut..) She is surprisingly weight 3.11kg and Dr Ishak shocked himself coz he was expecting the baby around 2.9kg. Never mind as long that she is in a pink of health.

I stay in KPJ for one night and I spend the night alone. My hubby is busy settling the uri and he has to take the uri back to his kampong. That night, I text my hubby telling him that this is the gift for our 1st anniversary and I love him so much and thank him coz always being near with me all the time in the labour room. He is such a great husband.

Nur Adriana Jasmin binti Mohamad Razi, that’s her name (after a several argument from my side and my husband), we register one week after and it was Friday. I’m hoping that she will be a good girl and know what’s good for her and for both of her parents. AMIN.

**Absolutely amazing wonderful great experience ever!! Whoaa!!

Friday, 3 July 2009

The first step~~

10th August 2007
The first step that we take.. the first move that we make..
We'll be together forever and let's us pray for a safe J.O.u.R.N.E.Y. to the different world..For good or for worst, we'll never be apart..
May Allah bless our life everyday and always...


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