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Thursday, 28 October 2010

It is Special Made from the Heart

MrHubby called me yesterday morning in the office and told me that his father is craving for ikan bilis currypuff. As from my mrHubby info, my pak mentua was trying to find it in all over places but it's hard to found on what he need (karipap kentang ayam/ daging byklah). 

So, mrHubby trying to searched everywhere and even called his friend's wife to find out whether they have the stock or not but unfortunately it was sold out plus he have to wait for few days for her supplier to sent the order. MrHubby last resort is by calling me and ask me if mommy could made some ikan bilis currypuff for my pak mentua.

I directly called my mommy the chief tukang masak and she said 

'....okay....' (remember I told u last time, nothing worries her, relax jer jawab soklan I)

She list all the things that i need to buy and after work zaaaaaasssss! me off to the groceries shop.

We have made two types of ikan bilis currypuff which are one is filled with serunding ikan bilis and another one is filled with kentang and blended-ikan-bilis. 

MrHubby will send them off this afternoon to kampung. I hope my pak mentua will like it and eat it as much as he like it; as for this past few weeks he has lost his appetite on foods. All his children and the in-laws is trying hard to win his heart and pujuk-pujuk-ing him to eat so that he will always in the pink of health. 

My pray will always be with you and may my pak mentua will have quick recover soon so that he will be able to timang-timang his cucu-soon-to-be nanti......

Special custom made ikan bilis currypuff for my pak mentua

p.s. Seriously, Jasmin is the one who is the super-busy last night helping out on the currypuff making. Thank you Jasmin! She has taken five of currypuff dough and "canai" it so-like-nenek-did! Sangat tak "menureh"!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

How I wish......

.......but i failed!


Hurmm.... my second baby should be in my arms anytime around this month! but sighhhhh..... 
and how i hope it would be on 10.10.10... hehe!

I still remember Dr Ishak told us last time, If myself trying to concieve again "....Lepas Raya bolehlah try....." hehe okay!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Mari kita buat eksperimen! #Satu

Mari kita 'cekidaut' beberapa visitor belog saya yang tak berapa nak glemer tapi always je ada pengunjung ni. For this entry, I focus on my Seremban visitor jer dulu. I rasa macam dah ada peminat kipas susah mati aje berdasarkan data returning visit. Next entry nanti I viewkan pulak visitor I dari state-state yg lain.

Nampak tak red spot tu? 

Itu tandanya spot pengunjung dari Seremban. 
Yang red arrow tu, it shows the location of my office...
Actually the red spot shows there are some visitors dari Seremban but we can identify and differentiate them from their IPs. 
Sapelah agaknya yang dok kat dalam celah hutan tu, rajin bebeno singgah belog saye? Itu satu soklan yang tak boleh pakai, sila abaikan.
However, base on my reading, alat pengesan pelanggan pengunjung saya, they detect visitor dari seremban base on one point aje. Macam pencawang, bukannya detect terus ke setiap ceruk rumah, setiap ceruk office. Kalau nak terel macam tu, kena la join agent FBI... huhu!

Last visit dari 1st recent visitor ini adalah pada 21Oct2010 pukul 8 mlm
p.s. Tak masak ko? Free sgt blogwalking around... Siap 5 times returning visit... Lamo lak tu nyinggah, sampai doblas minit...

Visitor kedua pulak Google-ing I pada pukul 10 songah malam, 141010. Rajin boto! Tak tido ko? Esok tak kojo ko? Tapi dio nyinggah tak lamo, patboleh second yo...

3rd Visitor saya pulak mengunjung bolah potang 101010, agak eee daripado dio gi joging, lobih baik dio blogwalking jer, save energy nak pakai belah malam pulak.... Tapi tak lamo doh, seboleh menet yo...

Visitor yang keompek pulak datang ngunjung 300910 pukul 0730pm pulak, dah abeh maghrib la agak ee tu, sementara nak tunggu isyak, layan belog I dulu... Tapi tak abeh semenet pon, mungkin sobab den tado hapdet cerito.

And my 5th Visitor ni pun samo gak agak eee ngan kes 4th visitor tadi, ngunjung pado 270910, tak sampai semenet pon nyinggah, mungkin tak jumpo bahan bukti baru.

to be continued.........

p.s. Entry yang a bit off topic but at least sebagai penghargaan untuk my visitor[s]. I know who comes, who not, whatever pon, I really appreciate that....

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hari Keluarga Mr & Mrs Razi!

Coloring activities provided by CPK. Cool!

We had an owesome day and an awesome lunch at KLCC last Sunday. Can be called also as a celebration for mrAbah 28th birthday and my annual-employment-treat!

Since we were in KLCC, so we've decided to had our lunch at California Pizza Kitchen as I know that mrAbah is actually craving for one of the menu there.

She had pasta, ice-lemon-tea and of coz ice-cream!

A Squeeze of Lemon for my BBQ salad! Yuuummmmaaaayhhh!

Santa Fe Chicken Pizza for all of us! 

The appetizers; mrAbah is craving for this Tortilla Chips with Spinach Dip!

 Jangan terpedaya! Ini bukan gulai daun kayu. It's made from BAYAM and cheese and other herbs stuff!
Well, kalau ikut nasihat pak&mak mentua I, Razi cannot consume spinach as it will make him feels dizzy. Hurm....for the first time he had this (3/4 years back), he is so in luv with it and I didn't notice any changes of him after ate those spinach.


Before I end up this entry, jom layan Jasmin makan ice-cream.....
Sedap tak heeeennngaaaatt!

 Abah! No! Jasmin punye!

Ibu, Jom! Eskem!

 My spoon!

Let's Dig In! Yummylicious!
Disclaimer: Terpaksa ambil gambar meng-cover mulut yang lebar nak suap ice-cream.

 Jangan biar sikit pun ice-cream tak masuk ke mulut....

Now you see, now you don't!

Narrated 'Ali (RA): 'The Prophet صل الله عليه و سلم said, "Do not tell a lie against me for whoever tells a lie against me (intentionally) then he will surely enter the Hell-fire."' Volume 1, Book 3, Number 106: Sahih Al-Bukhari.

Monday, 11 October 2010

The 'Choot" "Choot" Experience

We are not-so-often dapat fully enjoy our weekend together (what i mean together here is abah-ibu-jasmin) especially an outing activities together. So yesterday a.k.a. 10.10.10 we take the opportunity to memorize the day of the decade by filling our quality time "efficiently" ("...hehe efficient katenye...")

As I am not really satisfied with mrAbah that day, time yang dia bawa Jasmin naik Choot Choot tu, so i've decided to repeat the moment again. Not satisfied cos I'm not with them experiencing the moment together. 

The best part about yesterday is, mrAbah decided that we are going to have fun together by fully utilize the public transportation. Cool! For me but not for Jasmin.

It is easy to get a taxi in Seremban. Call them and in less than 5mins, they are already in front of the house. Jasmin has never been in taxi before and there was a funny incident yesterday when we are heading to the taxi. When I open the taxi door, suddenly she run away and directly straight to my car. She cried! She don't want to be in the taxi and even tried to open my car door. Oh Jasmin! FYI, she was crying all half way to the commuter station....    

However, just in a minute we reached the station, she said

"......Ibu.... choot! choot!...."

Satu Malaysia! Satu Choot! Choot!

Lagi sekali Satu Malaysia! Yeah! Yeah!

Ini bukan helah nak "pek" tapi malu-malu sebab ade brader hensem dok depan die asyik senyum2 kat die!

We reached KL Sentral around 1130am something. Another funny part bila dah sampai station MidValley, Jasmin dah ajak balik. Ye lah, maybe dah boring coz it takes about 1 1/2 hour to reached our destination. Some more, Start Station Nilai, our coach dah mula crowded and maybe Jasmin dah rimas. And most of the crowd are foreigners, terasa macam ada di luar negara pulak!

When we reached KL Sentral, terus cari next train nak ke KLCC. Baru saya sedar, dah lama rasanya saya tak gunakan public transport. Sampai tak sedar yang PUTRA LRT dah ditukar nama ke RapidKL. Sejak bila ek? 

Ni time naik RapidKL
Memang tak reti duduk diam
Fave Q: ".....ni ape..?"

Petronas Twin Tower

Tak sah kalau tak pekena seround dua!

 I used to walk here everyday to CENFAD, KLCC Park

Pusing-pusing @ KLCC
Masjid Asy Syakirin KLCC
Posing kejap while waiting turn 

Time ni di KL Sentral but we reached Seremban around 7pm

 Lucky us sebab that time this train stop and sempat snap pic!

 Satu Malaysia lagi!
 Op! Op! Stop choot! choot! Stop!

Best sebab dapat tegolek-golek, merangkak-rangkak, baring-baring kat station ni!

 Ibu yang sangat geram!

 Abah, Jasmin dah tak larat!

PEACE yaw! Jasmin style!

p.s. Jika ini untuk kebaikan, aku redha Ya tuhanku.....

Saturday, 9 October 2010

My Grown Up Jasmin

Wooowwweeee! Jasmin is 26 m.o. (Monthly updated by Babycenter)

As Jasmin now is 2 y.o plus, so there are lots of things which I can started to teach her especially on building her own words and increase her vocabulary. The info from babycenter telling that 

"......By now, your child will probably be using about 50 single words, constructing simple two-word sentences, and following a two-step command such as "Please get your shoes and bring them to Daddy." You can probably understand what she's saying about half the time, but don't expect to make sense of everything she says until she's around four. Young children often confuse pronouns, so you might find her avoiding them completely by saying "Brother get" or "Baby throw."

She loveeees animal and especially cats.Jasmin pronounce Cat as meow (sambil buat isyarat bunyi dan tangan memanggil-manggil kucing) and FYI she will name all the cat she met "Bobo" coz one of her nenek's cat is called Bobo. But her all-time-fave-meow is called "Cindai". Pernah one time tu, we reach nenek house and nenek is not around and Jasmin directly went to the kitchen and ask Cindai "..... Cindai, nenek ane...?" Alololo, tak pat nak kate ape dah...

As she is now 2, so I've decided to stop to breastfeed her and she is now a successfull-pengguna-botol-tegar-sepenuhmasa. At first I find it's difficult for me to make her not to think 'bout her beloved "kopek" but Alhamdulillah Jasmin dah tak berapa kesah lagi sekarang ni. Mula-mula berperang, susah juga nak pujuk, bila kita kata "NO" then she will cried-out-loud (as people around her know how loud her voice was hehe!). Satu habit Jasmin, once we get inside the car (if mr Abah is driving) she will directly saying "....Ibu nak pek..." Tapi itu dulu sekarang tak lagi... (One tip from me, silalah admitkan diri anda ke hospital for two weeks and let your baby sleep with her nenek, InshaAllah, your baby will totally lupakan the breastfeed thing-ing! Kikikiki!)

Owh, continue tentang penggunaan perkataan dalam kehidupan harian Jasmin, I noticed her that she is not so "PELAT" with her words. Senang nak faham bahasa yang dikeluarkan Jasmin. So here are some words yang she a bit pelat, that she always use with the people she knows (she won't talk to someone she didn't know, malu tah hape agaknye)

Elephant - cipen
Frog - borg
Mr Bean - Cibin
Ultramen - omen
Mickey mouse - kimaos
Chocholate - colat
Mainan - inan
Aeroplane - epen
Bicycle - cikal
Dukung - yuyun
Seven - sayben
Playground - taci
Kasut - kakok

Jasmin also love to sing. 
Here are some songs that she will sing a long:

Ibu..... ekau..... atu.....
Buai laju-laju
Burung kakak tua
Twinkle twinkle little star (akan dengar bunyi aww aww aww  aje & sambil buat isyarat tangan)
Old McDonald had a farm
Bapaku pulang dari kota

But her most fave phrase is 

".......Ibu, ni ape....." (seeeeetiap masa)

Instead of using Bahasa Melaysia, I am also practicing her with some English words.
Jasmin also understand some of my order, example

".....Give Ibu....."
".....Please take ......"
".....Move your hand...."
".....Put on the table...."
"...... Take off your shoes...."
"...... Enough..."

But she HATES when someone tell her "NO"

I lurvee camera!

p.s. Setiap detik adalah bermakna!


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