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Saturday, 9 October 2010

My Grown Up Jasmin

Wooowwweeee! Jasmin is 26 m.o. (Monthly updated by Babycenter)

As Jasmin now is 2 y.o plus, so there are lots of things which I can started to teach her especially on building her own words and increase her vocabulary. The info from babycenter telling that 

"......By now, your child will probably be using about 50 single words, constructing simple two-word sentences, and following a two-step command such as "Please get your shoes and bring them to Daddy." You can probably understand what she's saying about half the time, but don't expect to make sense of everything she says until she's around four. Young children often confuse pronouns, so you might find her avoiding them completely by saying "Brother get" or "Baby throw."

She loveeees animal and especially cats.Jasmin pronounce Cat as meow (sambil buat isyarat bunyi dan tangan memanggil-manggil kucing) and FYI she will name all the cat she met "Bobo" coz one of her nenek's cat is called Bobo. But her all-time-fave-meow is called "Cindai". Pernah one time tu, we reach nenek house and nenek is not around and Jasmin directly went to the kitchen and ask Cindai "..... Cindai, nenek ane...?" Alololo, tak pat nak kate ape dah...

As she is now 2, so I've decided to stop to breastfeed her and she is now a successfull-pengguna-botol-tegar-sepenuhmasa. At first I find it's difficult for me to make her not to think 'bout her beloved "kopek" but Alhamdulillah Jasmin dah tak berapa kesah lagi sekarang ni. Mula-mula berperang, susah juga nak pujuk, bila kita kata "NO" then she will cried-out-loud (as people around her know how loud her voice was hehe!). Satu habit Jasmin, once we get inside the car (if mr Abah is driving) she will directly saying "....Ibu nak pek..." Tapi itu dulu sekarang tak lagi... (One tip from me, silalah admitkan diri anda ke hospital for two weeks and let your baby sleep with her nenek, InshaAllah, your baby will totally lupakan the breastfeed thing-ing! Kikikiki!)

Owh, continue tentang penggunaan perkataan dalam kehidupan harian Jasmin, I noticed her that she is not so "PELAT" with her words. Senang nak faham bahasa yang dikeluarkan Jasmin. So here are some words yang she a bit pelat, that she always use with the people she knows (she won't talk to someone she didn't know, malu tah hape agaknye)

Elephant - cipen
Frog - borg
Mr Bean - Cibin
Ultramen - omen
Mickey mouse - kimaos
Chocholate - colat
Mainan - inan
Aeroplane - epen
Bicycle - cikal
Dukung - yuyun
Seven - sayben
Playground - taci
Kasut - kakok

Jasmin also love to sing. 
Here are some songs that she will sing a long:

Ibu..... ekau..... atu.....
Buai laju-laju
Burung kakak tua
Twinkle twinkle little star (akan dengar bunyi aww aww aww  aje & sambil buat isyarat tangan)
Old McDonald had a farm
Bapaku pulang dari kota

But her most fave phrase is 

".......Ibu, ni ape....." (seeeeetiap masa)

Instead of using Bahasa Melaysia, I am also practicing her with some English words.
Jasmin also understand some of my order, example

".....Give Ibu....."
".....Please take ......"
".....Move your hand...."
".....Put on the table...."
"...... Take off your shoes...."
"...... Enough..."

But she HATES when someone tell her "NO"

I lurvee camera!

p.s. Setiap detik adalah bermakna!


gedek! said...

Okey, okey... I boleh terima yang lain... but TACI for playground...? Huh...?

lily abd ghafar said...

memang itu perkataan yang die create sendiri...

ikot logiknya mmg jauh sebutan utk playground...


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