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Friday, 22 August 2014

Moment of silence


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Travelogue : De' River Resort, Janda Baik

This is our Hari Raya holidays short trip.
It was a last minute planned with Razi and yes it end up being a great trip for the kids.

We stayed one night in Janda Baik.
We booked De' River Resort a day before we checked in and lucky me it was not full as it was only a week after Hari Raya. 

The place was still in Hari Raya mood and most of the workers were still on holiday. So not much activities to do at the resort as usual days they have pool table, karaoke and a cafe.

If u Google about Janda baik, it was a small kampong situated in Bentong, Pahang. Approximately 30 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur city and very near to Genting Highlands and Bukit Tinggi Resort. A peaceful village surrounded with untouchable natural tropical rain forest at altitude of 600–800 m above sea level. *wikipedia

It was our first time in Janda Baik. We were totally had no ideas how was the road and of cos ai need the google map to find the place. As we were travelling from Seremban, instead of heading to KL, Razi decided to take the Jelebu-Karak-Bentong route. 

We leaved our house around 730am and reached Karak around 10am. Seriously, all the way to Karak, the route was like, ular kena palu! 
Anyway it was an adventurous drive experienced as the road was very zigzaggy and some places were hilly areas. One time stop, as we all reached Jelebu, Orked started to vomit. Mabok naek keto gak ee!

Anyway, before we went to Janda Baik, we stopped by at Kuala Gandah. Took the kids to watched and feed the elephant at the National Elephant Conservation Centre. I'll update the stories later. :)

Finished with the elephants and deerlands, we headed to Janda Baik around noon and reached the resort around 2pm like dat.

De' River Resort located at the Kg Chendering, Janda Baik. From the Janda Baik entrance gate, drive straight about 15 minutes until you see the billboard of the resort and turn left. And again from the main road to the resort it will take 2minutes drives. You also can follow the signboard to the Insitut Latihan UMNO (ILMU) as it was situated nearby. That road also within another 4hrs drive will take u to the Gunung Nuang waterfalls.

Our crib for the night, Zuriati chalet on the ground floor on the left most.

De' River Resort is owned by a local people and the place was surrounding by the green landscape. The best thing about the chalet it is very near to the jeram (river). Bergolek aje dari pintu nak ke gigi air. Haha! few choices of accommodation provided here like dormitory and the wooden family chalet. 

Some of the wooden chalets.
Pics taken by Adam. The backyard view.

Affordable rate for a nite and they charge us RM130 only. But, please be notice that the chalet don't have TV and no aircond and no heater. Who need all those kan if we all come here to enjoy the natures and spend all the times we had there with the family. 
At nite you won't heard anything except for the river flows and the crickets. So soothing and calm and very relaxing. No mosquitoes at all but no worries cos they still provide us the ubat nyamok. 

So at night we just had our dinner at the verandah dan pasang sekali ubat nyamuk. The smell, the feel, terasa macam di kampung duduk di beranda rumah sambil minum kopi cicah biskut cap azan dan layan dengar air jeram mengalir. Nyaman!

 And of cos, the main activity to do in Janda Baik is mandi jeram. Lay down your body inside the cool water that made you feel fresh. And even Orked likes the water very much. Dia mandi sampai lebam biru mulut tapi tak nangis nak mintak naik. But Adam doesn't like the water very much as he will sit on the stone and rendam kaki aja. So cheating tis boy!

Tis cheating boy would preferred to be inside the tent while all of us were enjoying the air jeram! Ngahahahaha!
Oh, if the muslims women yang tak selesa untuk berendam di jeram, you still can enjoy the cool water in the bathroom inside the chalet. The river water is directly pump to the chalet and you can enjoy the water without being worried about your aurat.

But please remember, it is not advise for us to use the water for drinking and you have to bring you own tap or mineral water especially for the kids to drink and making milks. Don't forget to ask for the kettle at the reception once you check in.
To killed the time that nite so that kiddos won't feel bored and to avoid them from asking the phone lah, PSP lah, cartoons lah, Ultraman lah so we did barbeque.

The resort did provide the pit but we all sophisticated parent ni dah planned all the stuffed needed earlier. We brought our own pit and charcoal and ai even prepared the marinated chicken on the nite before and also brought some prawns and nasi himpt. Enough to feed all of us for dinner.

Don't worry, Orked won't jumped on the fire.

In the morning, as the resort cafe still closed due to Hari Raya, we have to bought our breakfast outside from the local orang kampong stall. Recommended to have the pulut and kelapa manis once you were in Janda Baik. Taste so good. Other than that, nasi lemak is one of the must have menu for breakfast and easily can be found there and shoooooo cheap. Rasa? so-so aje lah~~
Pulut dan kelapa manis
The RM2.50 nasi lemak ayam sambal :)

Jasmin was the happy one with this trip. Dia mandi jeram started we checked in sampai nak gelap. And in the morning, what made me feel awkward bila dia mintak nak mandi jeram pukul 8 pagi. Seriuosly i don't understand her cos kalau kat rumah nak pergi school siap sedia air panas bagai nak mandi. Macam-macam!

Rasanya, this was the first time my kids bercuti kat dalam hutan. Before tis they all tau laut aja. But tis time lain sikit, experienced sendiri percutian dalam suasana kampung. Ada kucing, ada ayam, ada burung, ada musang king, ada ulat gonggok, ada pokok hijau, ada bunga hutan dan macam-macam lagi. Dan Razi sangat teruja tunjuk kat anak-anak dengan pokok mengkuang. Dia kata susah dah nak nampak pokok tu sekarang ni. Even it was my first time also saw the big mengkuang trees depan rumah orang pulak tu. 0.0

This trip also brought the memories of me and mommy masa childhood dulu. Once a month, lebih kurang, mommy, myself and my sisters mesti akan ke Templer Park. 

Naik bas turun bas dari Brickfields ke Bus Stand Klang lepas tu tunggu pulak bas nak ke Rawang. Menapak pulak naik ke atas bukit carik port waterfall paling cantik dan best untuk makan mihun dan urut badan dengan air terjun yang bersih dan sejuk tuhan aja yang tahu. Ai missed the moments. Sangat!

Fresh view of the stream and the greenery landscapes

View from the chalet. The reception is on the other side of the jeram. There also you will find a big pool pumped from the air jeram.

To be concluded here, if you are not a kind of fussy mommy who doesn't like to  pampered your kids with 5 star hotels, this is a great choice for your kids to be close to natures. Not just learn but also appreciate and love the natures surrounding them. And also a budget trip for family who wants to take their kids for a holiday our an outing. 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

My Jasmin is 6 today!

Big sista now know how to selfie sendiri hokay!
Happy 6th Birthday my lil'darling, Jasmin.

Semoga Tuhan merestui setiap langkah perjalananmu, anakku.

Walau apa jua datang di depan, kau teruskan.
Tak perlu menoleh ke belakang kerana apa yang menanti di hadapanmu itu lah dia pengakhiranmu.

Terus-terusan berkasih-sayang dengan adik-adikmu.
Jadilah kakak yang terbaik dan beri contoh tauladan berguna untuk mereka ikuti.

Be a good daughter.
Make us proud.
Doa ibu dan abah sentiasa bersamamu.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Menyambut Hari Kemenangan

Assalammualaikum kiddos.

Salam Aidilfitri.

Since my last post, rasanya tiada hapdet bagaimana puasa saya tahun ni.

Terutamanya tentang Jasmin yang baru belajar untuk berpuasa. Betapa cekal dan gigih dia bangun sahur setiap pagi sampai mengamok marah-marah bila saya buat-buat lupa kejut dia untuk bersahur sebabnya dia selalu berbuka pukul 5 petang bila habis school. 

Anyway, she complete full 5 days of fasting. Jadilah dan Alhamdulillah. At least ai know that ai  managed to explained and exposed to her why Muslim need to fast in Ramadhan in her early age. She is 6 tis year.

And for me, ai managed to cooked for iftar on the early 2/3 weeks of ramadhan but the final week during weekdays we decided to had our Iftar outside. Tukar angin kata Razi. On weekend pula, we had our Iftar gilir-gilir between umah my in-law and my family. 

Bazaar Ramadhan? Sekali aja ke Bazar Matahari Heights selepas 2 kali pusing cari parking di Bazar STAR of Paroi tak jumpa dan tobat lopeh tu tak maun lagi ke pasar ramadhan. Shooooo packed like sardines! And quality of foods sangat menghampakan. Dan tahun ini juga saya tak berjumpa dengan tepung pelita kegemaran saya di Pokan Chongkau. Tak tau mano poie makcik yang jual tu tah.

Bulan puasa tahun ini bagi family saya, hopkos terasa kekurangannya. Dah 5 bulan Arwah Babah menghadap Ilahi.

Semenjak pencen, biasanya bulan puasa, babah lah yang paling sibuk di pasar Ramadhan. Last year babah sempat berjualan di pasar ramadhan Rasah Jaya; menjual nasi ayam dan roti jala. Dia lah orang tak reti duduk diam sebab sibuk mencari rezeki berjualan di bulan puasa.  

Tahun ini tiada bisnes di bulan puasa. Kedai bawah pokok tutup sebulan. Mommy hanya berehat di rumah. Tiada siapa tahu apa isi hatinya. Tak pernah bercerita, walau sepatah.

Untuk sedikit kecerian di rumah mommy, saya gagahkan juga untuk cat rumah mommy masa cuti Nuzul Quran tempoh hari. Anak-anak hantar ke nursery. Dari tengahari bawa ke petang, walau terjelir lidah menahan dahaga mengecat rumah, saya siapkan seluruh dinding di hall kerana bagi saya mommy perlu sesuatu yang baru, yang fresh, untuk buang segala ingatan dan perasaan lama.
Rasanya dah beberapa tahun saya membelog, tak ada cerita rasanya tentang mertua saya menyambut Syawal. Mungkin ada cerita sikit tapi tak ada gambar. And today, here it goes....

Ai defined my my mak-in-law as one of the biziesssss woman in the world bila nak menyambut kedatangan Syawal. Kalau lah ado jabatan Hari Raya di dalam kerajaan, dia lah Ketua Montori paling sibuk membuat arahan, perancangan dan pastikan persiapan untuk juadah hidangan Rayo nanti berjalan lancar.

And anak menantu dan cucu cucu yang available dipastikannya balik kampung untuk realisasikan persiapannya. Lomang, rondang, kuih goyang, kuih bahulu, kek kukus dan yang paling hebat sekali Penganan* eee harus dipastikan siap sebelum rayo tibo.

Tetapi, mak-in-law ni tak kuat dah macam dulu. Kalau ada pun sekarang ni, semangat dia. Berbelah bagi hati ni rasa bila mak-in-law ngajak mengacau. Razi pulak tak sampai hati. Nak di tolak, takot kecil hatinya. Sentap juga bila mak kata, tak payah lah balik kampung lagi kalau tak maun tolong den mengacau. Amboi, emosi sungguh orang tua ni. Hihihihi.

Bila dah ada pengalaman kehilangan orang yang tersayang ni baru lah ada kesedaran sikit. Orang tua. Tah bila-bila Tuhan nak ambil dia dari kita. Tah esok, tah lusa, tah berjumpa lagi ke Ramadhan tahun hadapan. Kalau tak dibuat tahun ni, kot dio dah takdo tahun dopan, kito pulak yang terkilan-kilan tak dapek nak buatkan dio penganan tahun ni.

Like last year, semahunya arwah babah nak buat lemang siap call Razi suruh carikkan buluh, tapi kami fikirkan kesihatan dia yang tak menentu dan nak dok dopan api nak berasap bagai, so kitorang buat tak layan. Sobs.

Sambung cerito, walau rancangannya dat week nak berbuka dengan Opah yang tak tentu juga bila Tuhan nak ambil nyawanya, Razi split the planned and decided that we ols kacau penganan on Saturday evening and berbuka puasa with Opah on Sunday.

Start tenggek kawah dalam pukul 2 ptg dan siap around midnite gitu. Walau leceh dan panjang ceritanya nak buat persiapan mengacau penganan ni, tapi kalau ada kerjasama in sha allah semua jadi senang. Paling mudah nak porah santan tahun ni sobab jiran mak baik hati nak bagi pinjam mesin porah santan. 

Anyway, tak lah terasa penatnya puasa sebab bab mengacau penganan yang thrill yang liat pekat likat tu selepas berbuka. Dan nasiblah ado 2 orang anak buah yang gagah perkasa dok samo samo nolong mengacau. 

Alhamdulillah, the planned went well. Harapnya, mak puas hati tahun ni dapat juga kami anak beranak tolong mak mengacau penganan. Dapatlah semua jiran tetangga sedara mara mak meraso penganan WanPap lagi tahun ni.

Almost midnite baru siap ngacau. Paling kiri, my so called mak mentori hari rayo bersamo-samo ghimaunye! Hahaha!

Itu lah dia, beberapa cerita Ramadhan 2014 dan aktiviti pra-syawal. Banyak lagi sebenarnya cerita tapi, cukuplah takat ni aja. Harap dapat lah kita semua berjumpa lagi pada Ramadhan tahun hadapan; dengan pelbagai cerita dan ragam; In Sha Allah.




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