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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Salam Maal Hijrah 1431 & Welcome 2010 ! ! !

Wishing to all of you a very Happy Prosperous New Year
Semoga kita semua sentiasa berada di bawah lindungan Allah SWT

Razi,Lily & Jasmin

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Cartoon Jasmin!!

As requested by Jasmin's big fan, here is the caricature which has been drawn by the Aquaria artist (..i forgot to ask that guy what his name is...)

Monday, 21 December 2009

Karma #1

......maybe it's a curse of always telling lies.....

Siakap, senohong, gelama, ikan duri,
Suka cakap bohong, lama-lama hilang gigi...

Our Weekend @ Aquaria KLCC

Lyraz @ Aquaria KLCC, 12th December 2009...

We've been planning this for about a month (me, hubby & along) to go to Aquaria KLCC, taking Jasmin 'jalan-jalan' and "introducing" her with different kind of fish. Et's family is coming with us as it was school holiday for her both daughter and Ica was last minute cancel to join the party as she was like having her "adventurous holiday" to Penang (thank GOD she is safe back home!!) And i feel sorry for Ishreeq for last minute cancel of his 'participation'....

We reach Aquaria around 1030am and I was thinking that we are the first group to queue up for the tickets, however it was the other way round. The time we arrived, the queue is almost reached the food court (...it is school holiday you see..!!) Owh, what a day...(Just look at the picture...)

By the time, we reach Aquaria, Jasmin is fallen asleep as she woke up early that morning, around 7am, so early as I was felt that she was excited for the Aquaria but later i found out that she wants to uuuu-ook! (....aiiyaak!)

This picture is taken right after she was awake from her sleep. I guess she might feel a little bit startled at first as she was amazed by the piranhas...

....Jasmin sangaaaaaat tak takot dengan ikan.....Siap boleh masuk tangan dalam air...

Her favourite, Cicak! Altough it was not so visible to my view, but she managed to spot one!!

Inside the tunnel aquarium..
We are so amazed....
The view is sooooo nice!
Lots of fishes, turtle and some other sea creatures.
Absolutely different from Underwater World, Langkawi...

Two happy family:
Et's Family
Lyraz's Family
Along (the photographer) (...family...? hehe....)

Well, our visit to the Aquaria is totally awesome and seeing all the beautiful fish is breathtaking although it is really exhausted (with Jasmin's kind of manners that day...)
Something to be remembered: One thing happened is when she spill off the coffee when we were waiting for Jasmin's caricature to be done by the artist..The coffee was all over the table, chair and floor and lucky it was not spill into the drawings... Phiieeeww....

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Jasmin @ IRCON's Site Office

Last Thursday morning, my Mom went to Taiping attending a family wedding ceremony with Mak Mah and left Jasmin with her Atok.At first, i think it's fine to let Atok stay with her, however, after a second tought, i feel worried if he might get a heart attack for baby-sit Jasmin (only God knows why...hehe..),so in the afternoon I took Jasmin to my office.

By the time i reach my parents house, Jasmin was sleeping and she woke up around 2pm++. I was late to the office and i arrived office around 2.45pm. Lucky me my CPM was not around as he was already gone to INDIA for two weeks (yeay!)

Alhamdulillah, she is doing great at the office.She does behave herself!!

Let Pictures Do the Talking !!!

Owh, this is a paper....

Ngeeee... I love to smiles like this!!!

Eh! Bapak!


Uuuuuhhh......I'm standing on my mom's chair!!!

P/S: It's not the matter of professional or not If I'm taking my daughter to my office. I just feel that to gain such a wonderful moment like this with Jasmin is a pleasure.
But some find 'sleeping while working' is much more pleasure rather than taking care of her own children and pleasing her own wife!!!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Rock ! Yeah! Yeah!

When I look into your eyes
I can see a love restrained
But darlin' when I hold you
Don't you know I feel the same
'Cause nothin' lasts forever
And we both know hearts can change
And it's hard to hold a candle
In the cold November rain
We've been through this such a long long time
Just tryin' to kill the pain
But lovers always come and lovers always go
An no one's really sure who's lettin' go today
Walking away
If we could take the time to lay it on the line
I could rest my head
Just knowin' that you were mine
All mine
So if you want to love me
then darlin' don't refrain
Or I'll just end up walkin'
In the cold November rain
Do you need some time...on your own
Do you need some time...all alone
Everybody needs some time...on their own
Don't you know you need some time...all alone
I know it's hard to keep an open heart
When even friends seem out to harm you
But if you could heal a broken heart
Wouldn't time be out to charm you
Sometimes I need some time...on my
own Sometimes I need some time...all alone
Everybody needs some time...on their own
Don't you know you need some time...all alone
And when your fears subside
And shadows still remain,
I know that you can love me
When there's no one left to blame
So never mind the darkness
We still can find a way
'Cause nothin' lasts forever
Even cold November rain
Don't ya think that you need somebody
Don't ya think that you need someone
Everybody needs somebody
You're not the only one

November Rain, Gun & Roses

p/s: even though people think that i'm "poyo" (label me whichever is synonym with that) but i don't complain others~~ but sometimes i do speak my heart out...what goes around comes around (blame it on the KARMA...)

Friday, 20 November 2009

Jasmin's fave place ! ! !

As it was not raining yesterday, my hubby decided to take Jasmin to the playground as she was not going for outing for sometimes since monsoon season now. She is so happy playing with her Abah and she is full of laughter and joy ! ! !
Jasmin, you are the reason why we are still together and no matter how hard it is, you are the one who complete us, our love, our heart, our soul.
O God, I'm Praying hard everyday to have this relationship lasting for the rest of our lives... Amin...

Playground Time!!!!

~LOVE of My Life~

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My Future Engineer

Let pictures do the talking....~~

Caution ! Caution !
Hey, look up there ! ! ! There's something might fall down so wear your safety helmet ! ! !
(Anyway, Jasmin has found a new hobby which is observing the "cicak". Her eyes is so sharp and even I myself didn't realize there was a "cicak" around such as on the ceiling, on the wall etc... Just say "cicak" to her than she will look up and show and started to find the "cicak". Jasmin pronounce it as ..cak..cak..cak.. My oh My!! Jangan colek taik cicak sudah!!!)

Now I can run happily ever after after wearing my mom safety helmet ! ! !

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sea,Sand, Sun

Fun On the Beach!!!

Day / Date : Sunday, 8th November 2009
Place : Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan
Note : This is the very first time Jasmin on the beach and swimming on the ocean..She's not even cry when her Abah bring her near the water... She loves the beach and the ocean and the water very much.. (Hurm... I'm thinking of sending her to swimming class soon...)

Let Pictures Do the Talking......

Clockwise: Ica, Mommy, Along, Jasmin, Razi

Exhausted Jasmin after swimming...

Jasmin with nenek kesayangan...
My mom has taking care of her since she was 4 month old until now...
So, please don't blame her if she is soooo 'manja' with her nenek because her nenek always pampered her very much (warning to Jasmin:i hope she won't be a spoil daughter when she grew up...)

p/s:Well, actually there a some other pictures that i could not put on this entry coz of the slow uploading...(malas lah nak tunggu lama..terhegeh-hegeh je..)

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Out of my Imagination!!!

As last Sunday we were spending our weekend at my hubby's kampong, so Jasmin are having her very great time there !!! (driving a tractor.....)

Warning: Please don't do this at home!! Need parental guidance!!

Jasmin is getting ready to drivin'...

Ngeng ngeng vroom vroom

Let me see where is the gear...

Come la joint me Ibu... This is fun!!!


....separuh jiwaku pergi...memang indah semua...tapi berakhir luka...benar ku mencintaimu...tapi tak begini...kau khianati hati ini...kau curangi aku...kau bilang tak pernah bahagia...selama dengan aku...itu ucap bibirmu...kau dustakan semua...yang kita bina...kau hancurkan semua...
anang hermansyah

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Ambitious Jasmin

Naughty Jasmin trying to climb up the stairs while her Abah were fixing the ceiling fan...

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Daulat Tuanku!!!

"....Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa pada 26 oktober 2009 telah ditetapkan sebagai Hari Kelepasan Am untuk seluruh Negeri Sembilan di atas sambutan Pertabalan Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tuanku Muhriz Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir sebagai Yang Dipertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan Yang Ke Sebelas..."

(di copy-paste dari web portal rasmi Kerajaan Negeri Sembilan, www.ns.gov.my)

What? Another holiday for me? huhu.. holiday is heaven... both for me and jasmin. Absolutely we are going to spent time together, doing some girl things.. And yet indeed, last Sunday we were spending our night at Mak Mah's home in Melaka. Not only two of us, mummy, babah and ishreeq also joined our wiken+monday-extra-holiday to Melaka.

With Honoured, I just want to say my gratitude and congratulations to the 11th Yamtuan Besar Negeri Sembilan, Tuanku Muhriz Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir.(sungguh hensem anakanda2 Yamtuan Besar ye...) The 'pertabalan' ceremony was held yesterday in Istana Seri Menanti Kuala Pilah (but actually it was already started on last Thursday and it was a 7 days and 7 nights of events) and today there will be a 'Santapan DiRaja' if i was not mistaken and all the folk of N9 itself will have free eating event. (makan free)

By the way, I'm telling this on my entries to remember this event (also for Jasmin's reference in future) as a once in a life time event which are rarely happen in our life and the last 'pertabalan' was held in the 60's.I was proud to be one of the Minang's descendents and I was from 'suku' 'Tanah Data'. Negeri Sembilan practice 'Adat Pepatih' and it was the only 'adat' (custom) which has been practice in Malaysia. Although the original one can be found in Sumatera, Indonesia.

Lagu Kebesaran Negeri Sembilan:
Berkatlah Yang di-Pertuan Besar di Negeri Sembilan

Kurniai Sihat Dan Makmur
Kasihi Rakyat Lanjutkan Umur
Akan Berkati Sekalian Yang Setia
Musuhnya Habis Binasa
Berkatlah Yang di-pertuan Besar Di Negeri Sembilan

This song bring my old memories when I was in Sek Men Tunku Kurshiah, Kuala Pilah. When my father was promoted as a Police Inspector in 1997/1998, he was transfer to Kuala Pilah as an OCS (Ketua Balai Polis Daerah Kuala Pilah) and the whole family had to move there. At first it was hard to leave my school friend in Kuala Lumpur which most of them I've known since my primary school (St Teresa (1), Brickfields, miss all my teachers and friends there so much!!!)

Back to my story, it was my first day in my new school and of course it makes me feels awkward among them as I was keeping in mind that they were all 'kampung girls' and I was the 'town-girl'. (Speaking with funny dialects and very difficult to understand) (Thank God it was a Girls School as i was also in girls school in my primary school) In the morning assembly, normally I was only singing Negaraku song but then I have to sing the 'Lagu Kebesaran Negeri Sembilan'.OMG! I never sing this song before so dengan tercengang-cengangnya saya telah membuat bodoh tak tahu apa yang patut dinyanyikan (itulah die budak town yang poyo tadi) Anyway, I take about a several months to memorize the lyrics and the way how to sing it. (Ada lenggok sendiri, tak boleh belasah nyanyi saje) Semuanya dah jadi kenangan....... and I also found my BFF in Kuala Pilah as she is the only person which understand me better everyday.. Intan a.k.a Noor Khairunnisa Ramli.. but the sad thing is I have to leaved Kuala Pilah and moved to Seremban after spending a year of suffering (hahaha cow-boy town) and leaves my BFF ever to meet a new so-poyo-'budak-budak'-seremban...

Well, actually there were lots of stories happen in Kuala Pilah but unfortunately I don't like to write it here because I know there will be no one interested to read it. So to Jasmin, if you want more stories, just ask Ibu, and i will tell you everynight when you want to go to sleep. (I'll make it as your bed time stories...)

Sedikit puisi dari saya (yang di copy-paste juge)

Tak Lekang dek paneh,
Tak Lapok dek Ujan,
Tak Lomak dek Santan,
Tak kuning dek kunyit.

***Lu pikir la sendiri.....

Till then...........

Monday, 19 October 2009

Wonder Weekend II

" Jasmin went Bowling"

I didn't know that Jasmin really great at bowling. Haha... can't believe on my words? It's true, she's really good with it, she even get 1 strike...!!


Still making an updates on last Saturday Deepavali holiday, me and Jasmin really having a great late afternoon in the bowling centre. Along called me in the morning and planning to take Jasmin outing for 'makan-makan'. But after 'makan-makan', ET and akak calls and telling that they are coming to join us too. So, Along decide why not we have some bowling game as it seems that we haven't did any family activities recently. The last one was on August, a day after celebrating Jasmin's 1st birthday, we went "karaoke" at Seremban Parade. And the best part is Opah also joining us bowling (....absolutely not playing the games!!)

Happy Jasmin with happy Opah

Look how champion always win....

First....Getting ready... doing sit up 1..2..3..

Second...choosing desired bowl...

Oppss.. I think I have thrown it a bit to early....

First try.....

Second try....

The result......

P/S: Hehehe... Anyway we really had a great weekend together with the families... and it's always going to be the best...

Wonder Weekend

It still a Deepavali mood in my office for this whole week and mostly staff here are all Indians and many are still on leaves. (Happy Deepavali to all Indians!!!!) My manager was on leave for two weeks to celebrate Deepavali with his family in India (Delhi if I'm not mistaken) and of course it was a "party" for myself for this two weeks ahead... (wooohhhoooo!! no drafting work for temporary!!! and I will update my entries as much as i want!!! haha!!)

As last Saturday was a Deepavali holiday so i filled my Saturday morning time with Jasmin cooking some spaghetti for her (as my mom and I was noticing her since last week she loves to eat noodles instead of her carrot+potato porridge) So I decided to cook for her some spaghetti and at the same time teaching her on how to use fork and spoon (but without a table manners because it is still a looooonngg way to go...)However please don't misjudge me on this (konon poyo nak ajar anak makan pakai sudu dan garpu), well what I'm trying to say here is I'm teaching her using some other skills instead of only using fingers she also requires to learn on how to eat using basic eating utensils (fork and spoon).

What I can conclude here that she knows the techniques but she still need some practice and understand how it works. Practice makes perfect (fave quotes) Go! Go! Jasmin!!

Jasmin dearly, Ibu really have a wonderful weekend filled with great moment with u my girl!!

Let picture's do the talking:

First step: Spoon on left hand-side and fork on my right hand-side

Second step: Put the spaghetti inside my mouth

Third step: Slluuurrrppp.....Taaadaaaa.... Now the spaghetti already went off inside my tummy.. and I even have a "spag-goaty" just like abah.. *wink*wink*

Monday, 12 October 2009

My "Hari Raya" Stories

I am so worried that if I don’t get a time to update any of my entries especially on my family ‘raya’ story. Well, as for my concern today is already forth week of Syawal (only a few days left)but still the atmosphere of Aidilfitri are very pleasant and hilarious (but absolutely not for me coz I’ve started work on 4th 5th Hari Raya when everyone still in the mood of ketupat, nasi himpit, lemang, rendang etc)

I’m leaving my previous job at the end of August ’09 and started my new job at Ircon International Limited Seremban early on September ’09 (it is in the middle of Puasa and nearly Hari Raya and of coz its requires me not to take long leaves as it will affect my self "credibility" of an employment of my "hindustan-hei" company..cheeewaahh!!)
Family Photo on First Hari Raya at Kg Penajis Tanjung, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan
This year it was my husband’s turn and I was in Rembau from Raya Eve one day before Raya Eve until second day of Hari Raya. This is my second time of Hari Raya with my in-laws (Frankly speaking, I still feel awkward within the families but at least I’ve tried to get use to all of it and hope there’s no heart feelings amongst my in-laws coz the reason is Jasmin won’t let me go to help the masak-masak thing’ing’… Blame it on Jasmin…) So, I’ve just help my mom-in-law hanging the new langsir and some others housework+baby sitting (syahdu rasanya… especially on Raya Eve without mummy, babah and all my siblings but at least I still feel lucky because they are still exist here to celebrate Raya with me... sympathy to the orphans...)
Nothing much to jot down here on how I spending my Hari Raya celebrations this year and the normal agenda of Hari Raya is visiting all the relatives, collecting ang-pow’s and makan-makan. This year is the second year of Hari Raya with Jasmin and I do feel great and full of excitement. As last year, Jasmin was only 3+4 months old so the celebration is bit liveliness and we just stay at home enjoying T.V. programs. This year Jasmin is able to walk fully without any helps from anyone and that was the best present, great moment of all. However, she just got an “L” license so she was walking non-stop and sometimes without brakes (pictures).

Anyway, these Hari Raya is still special for me and hubby especially when Jasmin really showing her ability and the important thing is she enjoys her Hari Raya with her Abah & Ibu... We both love you Jasmin.. and now I'm waiting for her conversation skills as she now was mumbling and bubling (baby talks) a lot...


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