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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sea,Sand, Sun

Fun On the Beach!!!

Day / Date : Sunday, 8th November 2009
Place : Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan
Note : This is the very first time Jasmin on the beach and swimming on the ocean..She's not even cry when her Abah bring her near the water... She loves the beach and the ocean and the water very much.. (Hurm... I'm thinking of sending her to swimming class soon...)

Let Pictures Do the Talking......

Clockwise: Ica, Mommy, Along, Jasmin, Razi

Exhausted Jasmin after swimming...

Jasmin with nenek kesayangan...
My mom has taking care of her since she was 4 month old until now...
So, please don't blame her if she is soooo 'manja' with her nenek because her nenek always pampered her very much (warning to Jasmin:i hope she won't be a spoil daughter when she grew up...)

p/s:Well, actually there a some other pictures that i could not put on this entry coz of the slow uploading...(malas lah nak tunggu lama..terhegeh-hegeh je..)


gedek! said...

Just do it! Hantar Jasmin swimming class! Janji! Lots of fun! Lebih best kalau you and husband masok sekali. Why? Ni nak cerita!

Awal tahon ni, I enroll my kids swimming class... so dok terpikir... I dengan mrs pon tak pandai berenang, jadi why not? Kami satu keluarga la belajar berenang! Fun gila beb! The class is 2 kali seminggu dan malam. Setiap minggu kami tak sabar untuk session tu! Kira class tu macam our quality time! Gelak ketawa bersambung sampai dalam kereta masa balik!

Instructor I tu janji 8 kali belajar je dah boleh berenang! Sekarang kami semua dah boleh berenang walau pon tak boleh masok olimpik! Hahaha! Worth it!. Cuma I tak sure budak besar Jasmin tu ada kat situ ke tak. Tak silap, kat bangsar ada untuk budak kecik macam Jasmin... Google around la.

lily abd ghafar said...

idea yang menarik to have a quality time with my hubby and jasmin plus dapat belajar berenang skali...

bangsar is way too far from seremban but i've found out satu pool just nearby our house (stadium paroi). i heard ramai yang ke sana but not so sure ada instructor ke tak..

anyway, thanks a lot for sharing...

p/s: maybe ur children can be one of the olimpians kalau mencuba dari sekarang.. hihi~~


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