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Friday, 30 December 2011

Year End Lunch Treat

Alhamdulillah.... a lunch treat from my engineer for the last Friday of 2011. Had an awesome lunch at d'Tandoor Damansara, it's a Northern Indian cuisine.

The taste of this curry fish is absolutely different from our local curry. And I had a large portion of Munghail Bryani with chicken and the rice is very spicy. Anyway, overall the dishes is shooo delicious!

First time of having this kind of ice-cream called "Mango Kulfi". Yummayyyyyhhh!

Owh, okay now suddenly thinking of taking my jasmin and Adam to Tutti Frutti. It's going to be an "ice-cream festival" for them! Weeehooooo!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Yang keseribu kalinya........

Ya Rabb, yakinkan aku bahawa langkah kaki ini adalah benar; sekali lagi.
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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

wordless wednesday #6 My Harimau Muda

Can't wait to see Adam kicking the ball!
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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Monday, 5 December 2011

Farewell, IRCON

It's kinda sad because I have to accept the reality that every start has to come to an end. Two years completion my duty with the SGEDT project team, on the 30th November I'm leaving them and saying my last speech to them on my farewell party on my last day of work was making me mind-numbing. And listen to every of the speech from the "family" is making me sad. T_T Sob! Sob!

I'm gonna missed you my workstation!

So many great memories, good and bad, happy and sad, and so many experiences I have gained during my employment in IRCON. So far, they were the best project team ever. We share and discuss on project matters and issues together, sharing thoughts, giving out ideas and solutions, some argument here and there, dealing with the sub-cons, the surveyors, the consultant and I have experience all that since the first day I joint them. It was all  priceless moment!

And also missing you, my drawing!

Jasmin also loves going to IRCON office when I bring her on Saturday, as she has her own friend; about her age, to play with and to share things together. I still remember when they met each other for the first time,  they were like strangers, speaking different language, but kids, anyway, anyhow, they know how to make friendship and mingle together and they know how to share their chocolates!

My Jasmin and Risha; enjoying the bubble gumps.

Chocolate from my  DyCPM; he always gives chocolates to all of the staff whenever he is in the office! This time he's not giving me Cadbury's like always but given something he said which is more expensive than Cadbury's. Thank you!

And most of all, I'm gonna missed all my family in IRCON......
My CPM, Dipak Roy; my uncle samo, my two beautiful lady of admin, my engineers, my manager, my planner, my safety officers, my operations manager, my driver and also my cleaner. They were all so kind and kind and kind and kind and kind. Okay, nuff said, Lily.

My best-eva Civil & Infra Family


Okay, yang ni my boss sangat candid!

Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn't work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. Then we would have to say good-bye. I hate good-byes. I know what I need. I need more hellos. -Charles M. Schulz

Friday, 25 November 2011

Fret Not, Lily

I've been received a few comments on my past few entries lately. Comment kata gila-lah, tak tahu-lah sama ada comment itu menyokong entry saya atau memulang paku buah keras pada saya and some more telling that myself need a theraphy for my heart lah, well, i guest, my anonymous commentators was such a caring person. And I appreciate that! But wonder why they didn't put their link back so that i can thanks them for being such a caring person. So "nice" of you dear anonymous. 

Enuff said, what ever i have been written and done here is my story and i share what i think, what i feel and it is up to me how to write my own ending. I apologize kalau ada yang tak senang/sehaluan dengan apa yang disampaikan di sini.

Okay, for the book which I reviewed before this, some peoples taking it wrongly or maybe take it emotionally and maybe dah mistakenly ter-relate dengan life dia kot. Sentap nok? Menghentam orang itu memang seronok tetapi bila diri dah di hentam semula sila vice versa ye.

For all to know memang the conventional way is mmmuuucccchhhx100zillions better. Having our own favourite book, put on our glasses, reading it while on the bed before we off to dreamland and woke up in the morning found out that air liur basi dah melepek-lepek kat atas last page kita baca; memang syok.

Ekceli, what I'm trying to explained on that entry was the idea of applying  the "canggih teknologi" in our daily life, not just nak playing games, socializing tak bertempat, atau jadi pusat mengeksploitasi orang lain. Got what i mean?

Nevermind, everyone have their own perception. That's why my parent always remind me, DO NOT SMS-SMS, cakap-lah depan-depan, sometimes apa yang kita tulis tu kita maksudkan lain tapi memberi makna yang lain pada yang membacanya. Kan dah kena kat batang hidung sendiri. Padan muka sendiri, Lily!

And talking about theraphy; yes, i am absolutely need a theraphy. Not just for my mind, my heart, my soul but for the whole body; for the whole of my life I'm having right now. Need to neutralize back myself and bring back the "me-Lily". Maybe I'm just having too much an abusive life for the past few years...........

"Keganasan terhadap wanita bukan sahaja tertakluk kepada penderaan fizikal, tetapi meliputi juga penderaan psikologi dan emosi . Ugutan, penghinaan, menjatuhkan maruah wanita boleh meninggalkan kesan buruk sama seperti penderaan fizikal kerana ianya boleh membahayakan nilai harga diri dan perasaan wanita dan keupayaan beliau mengawal kehidupan diri." - Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia

“I have a history of making decisions very quickly about men. I have always fallen in love fast and without measuring risks. I have a tendency not only to see the best in everyone, but to assume that everyone is emotionally capable of reaching his highest potential. I have fallen in love more times than I care to count with the highest potential of a man, rather than with the man himself, and I have hung on to the relationship for a long time (sometimes far too long) waiting for the man to ascend to his own greatness. Many times in romance I have been a victim of my own optimism.” Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Karma #10 What I have Learn So Far

“There is so much about my fate that I cannot control, but other things do fall under the jurisdiction. I can decide how I spend my time, whom I interact with, whom I share my body and life and money and energy with. I can select what I can read and eat and study. I can choose how I'm going to regard unfortunate circumstances in my life-whether I will see them as curses or opportunities. I can choose my words and the tone of voice in which I speak to others. And most of all, I can choose my thoughts.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert

Monday, 21 November 2011

Off topic: Bila Aku Mula Bercerita Tentang 'Hak'

Okay, tulis lebih-lebih pun tak guna. We'll see what will happen next. Hidup tak perlu ditokok tambah dengan excuses yang tak masok akal.

I am now busy filling up this registration form.

And later on busy filling up dis aduan form. Let's play with the law pulak. Tak perlu bermegah dengan apa yang kamu ada kerana apa yang kamu megahkan separuhnya adalah hasil kudrat orang lain. Jangan main-main dengan hasil titik peluh orang lain kalau kamu sering culas melunaskan hak-hak orang yang teraniaya.

Elok rasanya segala tok nenek tahu tentang what is actually happened. Orang yang dalam kebenaran tidak akan lari dari realiti dan hadapi kenyataan serta akui kesilapan bak anak jantan.

PS. Welcome to the hood sistas!
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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Off Topic: Cinta, Cita-cita dan Pengorbanan

Okay, sebenarnya bila saya berada dalam keadaan serabot, seharusnya minda saya perlukan theraphy. Selain daripada bermonologue mengadu pada Tuhan alternatif lain perlu juga ada untuk seimbangkan keadaan yang menimpa saya.

Terusan-terusan mengeluh pada tuhan tidak akan ke mana. Yang perlu lagi adalah usaha untuk tidak terus tersepit dalam situasi tunggang langgang terbalik tertonggeng ni.

Saya ingat lagi, waktu muda-muda dulu sebelum berkahwin, bila saya bosan atau ada sesuatu yang mengganggu emosi saya dan sudah habis tempat mengadu, saya gemar luahkan pada kertas; melukis. Itu hobi saya dan memang saya cinta dengan seni yang satu itu. Tapi kini dah lama tak practice rasanya lukis epal boleh bertukar jadi tembikai. Wuhuhu~~

Sometimes saya juga membaca. Cuba lari dari dunia realiti sendiri dan menyelami dunia dalam buku. Itu buat saya lupa dunia realiti saya sebentar dan terus leka dengan jalan ceritanya.

But now sukar untuk find my own me-time cos Jasmin and Adam adalah perkara pertama yang perlu diutamakan. My me-time is only when i'm sleep. Last book i read adalah ini.

Saya juga jarang ke panggung wayang. Ada orang suka pergi menonton wayang katanya boleh hiburkan hati. Hurmmm, saya tak rasa begitu.

Entah kenapa lately heboh cerita filem di panggung wayang semuanya nak diadaptasi dari karya novel. The latest one "Ombak Rindu". Entah, sikit pun tak menarik perhatian saya. Dengar sinopsisnya sahaja sudah buat saya mencebik.

Cerita tentang typical kehidupan melayu yang tak sudah-sudah dengan dosa, maksiat, cinta, paksaan bla bla bla and bla. Tak me-motivate-kan kehidupan langsung. Mungkin orang-orang ini terpedaya dengan cinematographynya yang segar atau pada OST-nya, hurm, terpulang.

Sometimes I wonder for some educated minded people, why must susah susah go to the bookshop and waste your money that you can't spend on something else which is much much much more important; macam membayar simpanan wajib untuk para pekerja sendiri ke. And some more why must waste your money buying berkoyan-koyan semart phone atau berkotak-kotak notebook tapi tak reti nak apply-kan dalam kehidupan seharian. Setakat nak menunjuk-nunjuk kat orang-orang sebelah, baik toksah lah, sia-sia dapat dosa riak takbur pulak. Atau setakat nak kill the time main angry bird, saya rasa ada lebih baik saya melayan anak-anak saya ke taman burung dan boleh kenal different types of burung. Secara tak langsung, satu ilmu saya dapat kongsikan untuk diri sendiri dan anak-anak.

E eh emosinya statement lily! Tak, sebenarnya nak kongsi sikit review tentang teater Badai Semalam yang di adaptasi dari novel Khadijah Hashim. She is really "otai" novelist. A very good writer indeed. I've read one of her novel masa sekolah rendah dulu but tak boleh nak recall the book title. Nevermind, I've read so many books sepanjang hidup saya.

Nak pergi tengok teater, memang tak mungkinlah. Last teater i watched when i was in primary school kot, teater Kuntum, Along saya sangat baik hati membawa saya serta adik.

Badai semalam juga menceritakan tentang cinta. Biasalah, tanpa cinta, tiadalah kehidupan namanya. Dalam cinta itu ada cita-cita dan pengorbanan dipertaruhkan. Cerita pasal orang kaya dan orang miskin, cerita orang yang tidak lupa diri dan sedar diri. Cerita yang ada unsur kejian makian fitnah tapi masih mampu berdiri untuk buktikan yang hidup ini adil untuk semua orang. Tentang kesetiaan, tidak mudah putus asa dan pengorbanan.

Oh, sebenarnya klimaksnya entry saya hari ni adalah nak info kat semua yang kita boleh baca buku Badai Semalam karya Khadijah Hashim ni di Google Book. Takyah la susah-susah nak beli penanda buku macam-macam rupa warna pastu nak angkut buku sini sana sinun. Teknologi di hujung jari anda, gunakan sebaik mungkin. Jangan gunakan untuk benda-benda yang boleh mendatangkan fitnah sudaaaaaaaahhh!

Badai Semalam: Google Book sudaaaaaaah!

Siapa siapa yang nak tengok teater muzikal Badai Semalam ni, ia disiarkan di Panggung Sari Istana Budaya bermula 11 Nov sehingga 20 Nov 2011. But I don't think ada ticket lagi kot.... Or visit here!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Off topic: Cry Me A River

Owh, what a hectic week. Kali ni saya betul-betul mengeluh. Saya letih. Saya penat. Saya stress. Saya sangat-sangat mengeluh sekarang ini. Bersabar dan terus bersabar. Hai bersabarlah hati. Saya kuatkan langkah kaki demi Jasmin Adam.

The cockcroaches inside my car deserve it more!
Hati makin jauh berlari. Walau se-ladang bunga pun belum mampu meredakan hati yang makin kerap terluka. Makin dekat kau dengan aku, makin banyak perkara yang datang menyakitkan hati. Sakit itu mematangkan. Sakit itu menguatkan. Sakit itu mengingatkan. Sakit itu buat saya kenal diri saya siapa sebenarnya.

Saya tak tahu bagaimana ingin memula cerita. Sebenarnya lebih kepada tidak tahu yang mana satu harus dimulakan. Ada dua tiga perkara yang saya found out dari si polan itu. Mungkin Istikharah saya pengaduan saya telah terjawab. Walau saya berdoa ia datang dalam mimpi saya, nyatanya tuhan tunjukkan realitinya di hadapan mata saya.

Well, i think, i've had enough, i've known too much sarcastic things behind me. I don't understand for how long all this sarcastic peole will be screwing up my day. I need to stop all this crap!

Okay, straight to the point cos I don't want myself to be melalut so much. Here one thing I want to remind someone who is "dearly over concern" on what has happened between me and si polan itu; diulangi "dearly over concern people"; STOP IT!

You are just end up being a penghasut, pengacau, batu api dan makin merosakkan hubungan si polan itu. Sampai bila nak terus-terusan membayangi decision yang harus dia putuskan sendiri.

"tu lah macam mano nak buek ni dik, nampak mcm lili dah nekad sesuatulah dik,"

"Tak po dik.... Selalunya dugaan tu mematangkan kito.... Kalau terjadi apo-apo kek rumahtangga adik anak-anak tetap anak adik dik.... Ingat tu..."

"Kak j*** rasa bersalah sgt dalam hal rumahtangga adik ni,"

Interesting. Sangat interesting. Should i ulas all this crap one by one? Yes!

Oh, another one thing;

"nnt adik sms no bilik malam kang kalau takde orang adik sms kak j*** g jenguk jasmin"

2am in the morning, on the 11/11/11, sms-ing other people hubby just to let him know that his wife is "nekadkan sesuatu". Are you just having a nightmare or what. Or izit ur hantu just came back to ur house to tell you the whole story of me? You are such a psycho, woman!

Apa yang saya nekadkan? Did we ever sms-ing before? did we had a "good time conversation" like last time we did or did i ever tell you personally what I am nekadkan? NO!

I dont get it, why must she said something about my childrens. My childrens is my childrens. INGAT TU!


And i wonder why are you feeling guilty on what has happened between me and si polan itu? Why? What you have done wrong? Ooooooohhhhh i am so eagerly want to know. Really really reallly want to know. For the last four years what is actually you two have been hiding from me?

Okay, one last thing, cos dis is serious! Wanted to see my sick baby while nobody in the ward? What do you mean? Want to be alone with si polan itu? Or just hate seeing me in front of your hypocrite face?

You nak macam mana sebenarnya?

Wordless Wednesday #4 Pneumonia

Alhamdulillah, after final gas dis afternoon, Jasmin dah boleh discharge.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Jasmin di Angkasa

Jasmin is so sick!
Warded late evening sunday due to pneumonia and dehydration.
Speedy recovery my girl!

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Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday the Eleventh

Okay before the day of 11.11.11 is over, lemme update something for at least utk diri sendiri ingat how unique dis date was.

Not to write something unique or watsoeva but just a lil bit of my feelings towards my epic life recently.

And some more i dont want my self to be stuck forever in this foolish matters so here is a story which iA will bring a new hope for me and my childrens.

Alhamdulillah, my life has been blessed by god day by day. As early dis year i've managed to get my housing loan and summore give birth to my lovely adam, for me that was a totally bless. God treat me so very well and syukur for the rezeki yang tidak pernah putus-putus tuhan beri.

So far, what i've been planned for all this while mmg tuhan restui. Dan Alhamdulillah, my career life pon showing a positive result.

Being given an opportunity to improve my life, saya tidak lepaskan peluang itu. Better offer dari company lain which i dah consider dan fikir masakmasak from a to z, i grab!

I have to move on! Sy sudah letih menunggu. If he cannot decide so let me decide. Im sure im still on the right track. Not trying to be a selfish woman but decision have to be made. I cant wait for another ten years to realize that i have gain nothing tru all d years im living with the loosers *ooopppssss

Nothing will be change, same lily, same routine but definitely i need the tolerance of "time". You know what i've been passionate from the first time i speak my heart out with you.
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Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Friend's Visit

Okay sangat amazing kan sebab sekarang ni almost everyday sangat rajin dan free to update my belog entry. Biasalah, earlier this month, bila saya dah hantar resignation letter to my CPM with one month notice, so ke-ber-sungguhan nak bekerja tu so-so aja. I'm leaving IRCON by end of this month *Hatiku dah terbang ke tempat lain*

Last Monday, I had a visit from my very close friend masa kat college dulu. Last time meet up around 2010 and that time they both still study lagi di UK dan bila mereka balik sekejap ke Malaysia, mereka sanggup drive a long way to Seremban from Kuala Selangor just to have a visit with me and Jasmin before they off to UK the next day. What I can say here is, they are such a good friend cos they know how to maintain the relationship.

And last Monday, they drop by at my mom's house from Batu Pahat dan mereka datang bukan berdua tapi dah bertiga! She just delivered to a baby boy last August; Qalish Rayyan Adam. Hamboi panjang lebau namenye! *Tak sure why this year I banyak jumpa NB baby bernama Adam, including my boy!

Here are some pictures which has been taken by them dan apalagi I pon sangat teruja mengcopy-paste direct to my belog. Credit to them! Anyway, trying not to write something yang panjang lebar melalut merapu on this entry, so dah-ku abadikan gambar-gambar kami di belog ku ini.

Me, Jasmin, E'el and Rayyan! Love this moment!

Me sedang mengkelek-kelek budak rambut ala-ala Korean Boy ni! *but now da botak huhuhu

My Adam with aunty E'el

oh! they have their own belog, visit here!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Adam Muhaimin @ 4.1.6 months


Hello girls out there...! *wink*

Okay okay enough for today, i'm off to mandi now!

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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Monologue Aidil dan Adha

Jom layan saya merungut, merepek, melalut.

Exhausted. Letih dari segala jenis hal. Biasanya letih kepala otak yang buat saya terus hanyut menyusuri dunia kedua saya tatkala kepala menyinggah di alas bantal empuk.

Seminggu melayan kerenah Jasmin dan Adam sendirian. Saya tak mengeluh. *okay, saya tipu*

Seminggu ini juga saya memupuk hati supaya tidak berburuk sangka.Biar siapa yang berkata, selagi mulut ini masih membisu diam seribu kata, tidak perlu rasanya terus-terusan membuat andaian. Nyatanya keputusan ada pada tangan si polan itu dan si polan ini. Tak perlu juga siapa-siapa menjadi batu api memarakkan lagi aura ketegangan.

Saya tidak mampu menipu diri sendiri. Sememangnya saya kini adalah seorang penanti setia, menunggu joran dimakan ikan ataupun tidak, padahal saya tahu joran saya itu tidak disangkut umpan. I am taking the risk dan perjudikan sahaja nasib saya.

Kehidupan ini adalah perjalanan hidup saya. Tak selalunya saya bertemu jalan yang lurus, bila bertemu dipersimpangan, wajibnya untuk saya membuat keputusan, walau saya tahu kedua-dua persimpangan itu masih samar pengakhirannya. 

Pernah satu ketika, ketika masih mentah dan masih samar dalam mengenal apa itu dunia, saya bertanya kepada mommy, dimanakah hujung dunia? Sangat spontan dan dia menjawab "Hujung dunia itu di hujung mata kita".

Dan hari ini, apabila saya semakin dewasa, apabila semakin jauh saya berjalan, sudah beribu kilometer saya redah, dan sudah 27 tahun mengelilingi matahari, baru saya sedar maksud tersirat disebalik jawapan ringkas itu; Dengan tertutupnya mata kita, disitulah kita bertemu hujung dunia kita.

Hati makin sedu sedan menangis, pada petang raya semalam, babah mula bertanya, apa doa yang kau baca selepas habis solat tadi? 

Jawab saya malas dan ringkas, "Doa basic aje lah". 

Saya pegun, babah faham, dan spontannya babah berkata babah akan ajarkan satu doa untuk kuatkan hati dan semangat saya. Saya tahu babah masih lagi ambil kisah. Dan babah tahu betapa kerasnya hati saya sekarang ini.

Tikar biru baldu kadang-kadang tikar merah baldu di rumah yang jadi alas untuk tempat saya mengadu. Mengadu nasib pada yang Maha Mendengar. Ketika sujud, ulang-ulang kali saya meminta pada tuhan, ampunkanlah dosa saya serta kelurga saya dan jauhilah saya dari sifat amarah serta berikan kesabaran dalam diri saya.

Tapi saya risau, siapa saya untuk tuhan mendengar pengaduan saya, hamba yang hina dan kerdil ini, sedangkan saya ini yang kadang terang kadang gelap bersujud syukur mahupun bersujud memohon keredhaan dari Tuhan saya.

Jelas sekali apabila berlaku pada orang sekeliling saya, seorang yang tidak pernah meninggalkan solatnya, bersolat tepat pada waktunya dan tidak pernah melengah-lengahkannya, berzikir bertahmid siang dan malam, tapi sebetulnya masih belum mampu membersihkan hatinya mengeluarkan kata maaf dan bersemuka dengan kebenaran dan kenyataan. Apakah itu?

Dugaan dari Tuhan itu varities, pelbagai. Kadang-kadang khilaf orang itu, kita jadikan pengajaran dan tauladan. Jangan mengata anak orang lain, takut terkena anak beranak sendiri. Itu pesan dalam diri saya. Saya juga ada anak-anak. Apabila melihat anak orang lain berbuat nakal, terasa hendak dimaki dimarah, tapi takut nanti anak kita pula yang nakal begitu juga, silap-silap lebih teruk anak saya dihina dimaki. Lalu saya diamkan juga. Ambil semuanya sekarang ini secara reversed psychology. 

Biarlah budak-budak memang begitu. Tapi kalau umur dah menjangkau nak ke 3-series, budak-budak lagi-kah? Nakal yang bagaimana tafsirannya?


Friday, 4 November 2011

Karma #9 - Aku Benci Kau!

Sejauh ku berlari meninggalkan dirimu
 Masih bayangmu yang menawan


Sekuat ku mencoba melupakanmu kasih
  Lalu mengapa ku tak sanggup

Adakah waktu tak berpihak
Atau memang sudah jalanNya
Untuk kita terpisah selamanya

Ku tak percaya kita terpisah karena berbeda
Lalu ke mana kan ku cari

Ku tak percaya kata; Cinta tak harus memiliki
Lalu mengapa.........? 

Hati terasa sakit................

Sekeras ku berfikir mencari alasannya
Semakin jatuh ku terluka

Adakah waktu tak berpihak
Atau memang sudah jalanNya
Untuk kita terpisah

Dan kau kembali cuba merawat hati
Ku bingung dikau kah atau aku yang kecewa
Meraih simpati
Apa yang mengaburi tafsiranmu
Cintaku atau batas kebebasanmu itu
Takkan ku ulangi


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Oooooh Just Shut Up Lily!

Terkadang kita hanya perlu DIAM dalam memberi komen.
Terkadang kita hanya perlu DIAM dalam menegur.
Terkadang kita hanya perlu DIAM dalam memberi nasihat.
Terkadang kita hanya perlu DIAM dalam memprotes.
Terkadang kita hanya perlu DIAM dalam persetujuan.


Biarlah DIAM kita mereka faham ertinya.
Biarlah DIAM kita mereka terkesan maknanya.
Biarlah DIAM kita mereka maklum maksudnya.
Biarlah DIAM kita mereka terima tujuannya.


DIAM kita mungkin disalah tafsir.
DIAM kita mungkin mengundang syak wasangka.
DIAM kita mungkin disilap diterjemah.
DIAM kita mungkin tidak membawa apa-apa maksud.


Jika kita merasakan DIAM itu terbaik.
Seharusnya kita DIAM.
Namun seandainya DIAM kita bukanlah sesuatu yang bijak,
Berkatalah sehingga mereka DIAM.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wordless Wednesday #2

Happy Diwali hey...
and its going to be my last Diwali with them.
Great memories beautiful moments.
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Friday, 21 October 2011

Kisah Hati Hari Jumaat

Salam jumaat. Orang kata hari jumaat adalah penghulu segala hari. Orang kata lagi kalau hari jumaat hujan makanya the whole week hingga bertemu kembali jumaatnya akan hujan ajele. Begitulah sebaliknya kalau panas bedentang sekali pun. Itu lah orang tua tua yang berkata-kata, lalu saya nganggukkan saje.

Habes tu kalau hari jumaat yang mulia ni dah buatkan hati saya bagai dilanda hujan ribut dan taufan maka akankah ia berlanjutan sehingga ke minggu hadapan. Hai sabarlah hati.....

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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Adam is getting naughtier than his kakak min-min!
This happened after 5 minutes on his car seat.

And later after 5 minutes!

Adam is 3 months++ and now he able to lie downward upward 360degrees dan dah tegap mengangkat kepala sendiri but only for a few minutes and later he will cry out loud macam laaaaah kena cubit. 

Hai-lahhhh Adam budak baik!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Progress Rumah Saya - Nusa Intan

Okay, nak update sikit regarding my house progress. Construction progress Seri Pajam very fast lah! So far progress dah 45% base on what they have claim to the bank. Alhamdulillah.... in less than six month they manage to achieve 45% so maybe around mid year 2012; which is next year, dah boleh complete 100%. Hope so!

Teruja! Teruja! Tak sabar nak move in ke rumah baru. Tak sabar sebenarnya nak jadi interior designer (tak bertauliah) nak decorate itu dan ini kat rumah sendiri. I know, even though it's small, but as long we are safe and comfortable with it, insyallah rumah kecik saya boleh jadi seperti tinggal di 5 star resort. Wah! Depends on how we create our home sweet home-lah.

So far, my reference is IKEA. IKEA always make me stumble  and inspired me with the ideas and concept mostly on the house arrangement; the living hall, the bedroom, the kitchen and even the bathroom. IKEA dah keluarkan 2012 catalogue so they are more focus on spaces and i do feel that IKEA is absolutely know what I've been wanting e most.

Heh! I even promise Jasmin one set of bed for her, hurmmm, kena simpan wang ni, simpan wang! Maybe that one can be one of my wishlist for 2012. Talking bout wishlist, haaaa, more to come, so will talk more on my next entry.

So here are some of e pictures I songlap from Seri Pajam facebook picture album. Hope they don't mind if I publish here. Okay what, I already bought the house so of cos I can share it here FOC. Heeee~~

Main Entrance ke Nusa Intan

Front View

Right Elevation

Left Elevation

Rear View

Master Bedroom and the toilet

And the best thing about Nusa Intan is I figure out that one of my best friend masa sekolah-sekolah kat Kuala Pilah dulu is my neighbour, sebelah rumah aje. We never plan for it but somehow it happens and i know life is full of miracles!

Okaylah, before I end this entry, promote sikit Seri Pajam. So for who those yang sukakan kedamaian dan tiada kesesakan dan berjiran dengan Gunung Angsi boleh lah beli rumah kat Nusa Intan ni. The price is still affordable untuk orang-orang yang middle range macam I. Seri Pajam have two phases setakat ni and mine is Phase 1 and now they are selling for Phase 2 with extra bedroom. For info cekidaut their website www.seripajam.com.my

Last time, I ada buat review pasal project ni. Cekelik here!


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