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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Progress Rumah Saya - Nusa Intan

Okay, nak update sikit regarding my house progress. Construction progress Seri Pajam very fast lah! So far progress dah 45% base on what they have claim to the bank. Alhamdulillah.... in less than six month they manage to achieve 45% so maybe around mid year 2012; which is next year, dah boleh complete 100%. Hope so!

Teruja! Teruja! Tak sabar nak move in ke rumah baru. Tak sabar sebenarnya nak jadi interior designer (tak bertauliah) nak decorate itu dan ini kat rumah sendiri. I know, even though it's small, but as long we are safe and comfortable with it, insyallah rumah kecik saya boleh jadi seperti tinggal di 5 star resort. Wah! Depends on how we create our home sweet home-lah.

So far, my reference is IKEA. IKEA always make me stumble  and inspired me with the ideas and concept mostly on the house arrangement; the living hall, the bedroom, the kitchen and even the bathroom. IKEA dah keluarkan 2012 catalogue so they are more focus on spaces and i do feel that IKEA is absolutely know what I've been wanting e most.

Heh! I even promise Jasmin one set of bed for her, hurmmm, kena simpan wang ni, simpan wang! Maybe that one can be one of my wishlist for 2012. Talking bout wishlist, haaaa, more to come, so will talk more on my next entry.

So here are some of e pictures I songlap from Seri Pajam facebook picture album. Hope they don't mind if I publish here. Okay what, I already bought the house so of cos I can share it here FOC. Heeee~~

Main Entrance ke Nusa Intan

Front View

Right Elevation

Left Elevation

Rear View

Master Bedroom and the toilet

And the best thing about Nusa Intan is I figure out that one of my best friend masa sekolah-sekolah kat Kuala Pilah dulu is my neighbour, sebelah rumah aje. We never plan for it but somehow it happens and i know life is full of miracles!

Okaylah, before I end this entry, promote sikit Seri Pajam. So for who those yang sukakan kedamaian dan tiada kesesakan dan berjiran dengan Gunung Angsi boleh lah beli rumah kat Nusa Intan ni. The price is still affordable untuk orang-orang yang middle range macam I. Seri Pajam have two phases setakat ni and mine is Phase 1 and now they are selling for Phase 2 with extra bedroom. For info cekidaut their website www.seripajam.com.my

Last time, I ada buat review pasal project ni. Cekelik here!


Papa Mifz said...

papa mifz pun masuk rumah baru next year..:)

pasal monsoon tu papa mifz mmg alert,plan next march baru nk g..:)

Anonymous said...

cepatnya,,i think can extend infront further,,probably another small room (play room),,,

lily abd ghafar said...

papa mifz:
yeay! samalah... excited giler kan?

march until october mmg clear water! Tioman is the best place ever! Better go Salang, laut cantik dan byk kemudahan especially you bwk toddler macam Mifz kan....

p.s. awak ni ex-tpd ek? batch tahun bila?

lily abd ghafar said...


haha! renovation mungkin 10/20 years akan dtg... mano nak cokau duit... skang nak menyimpan utk kitchen cabinet, grill and some furnitures... loan along boleh? ngehngehngeh!

Dapur Kek said...

saya juga membeli rumah di Nusa Intan..tapi belum siap (mid 2014)..
jenis tropical Ville.


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