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Thursday, 17 March 2011

........dan kesinambungannya..........

.....let's cekidaut what i found on my visit to the show house last saturday!

wuuuUUUUuuuUUUu....... my dream house!

 Opppp.... ooopppp....
But ekceli my dream house has to be more like this.........

Living in a quite village, greenery surrounding, boleh buat edible garden sendiri, boleh bela ayam itik lembu kambing.......
Tapi takpe, sekarang ni mungkin rezeki nak ada rumah macam tu payah sikit nak capai tapi at least i can make it as one of my cita-cita and future target to get such of that charming house.... InshaAllah.....

Okay, back to the earlier part, I am now so very excited to have my own house after went to SeriPajam show room in Senawang last Saturday which i have been postpone it for the past 3/4 weeks. So. I've planned earlier with my sisters and i am finaly made up my mind to have the house (by hook or by crook!). Lucky me coz only two lots left. 

So what made me fall in love for the first sight of this house.... Ce citerrr ce citerrr.... heeeee...

Well, to be true, from my view, I don't just buy the house, but I am also buying the neighbourhood. LOCATION of the house is my first priority and my most important thing to consider. The housing area provide an environment with not-so-packed-like-sardine, only one housing area community (means tak campur aduk tiga empat jenis taman), can view the Gunung Angsi and takes only 10 mins to Ulu Bendul, 10 mins to Seremban town, and all the necessity such as clinic, hospital, hypermarket are all nearby.  

(Click to enlarge)

What makes me fall in love moooore and moooreeee of the house is the design. First time dulu masa I tengok design SeriPajam di Warisan Puteri, memang dah jatuh cinta, tapi sayangnya itu untuk double storey and I rasa that time tak mampu la nak beli yang above 200K punya rumah. So bile SeriPajam keluar single storey and with the same design, memang tak fikir panjang dah, teruih grab the chance. I love the concept of having a small yard inside the house. Maknanya walaupun rumah intermediate tapi I still feel that I tinggal rumah corner lot. The concept and design memang a bit different form other developer as they built it using Industrialize Building System (IBS system), means that instead of pakai bricks, they built the wall using precast wall panel. Click here for more about IBS. And some more, the roof also pakai IBS system tapi salesman cakap hari tu ada complain from buyers to change it to normal roofing (pakai atap genting).

The ground floor plan

Contoh pembinaan rumah teres menggunakan IBS Sytem. Ihsan CIDB Malaysia.

And right now, I'm struggling to prepare all the documentation for my bank housing loan. InshaAllah kalau ada rezeki by next year dah boleh dapat tinggal rumah baru. Minta-minta Allah murahkan rezeki kami dan permudahkan urusan kami untuk dapat rumah sendiri. Amiiiiinnnn. 

Oh, for the Skim Rumah Pertamaku, even though Dato Najib buat pelancaran hari tu nampak macam memudahkan rakyat but actually there are lots of procedure to follow (kalau rumah below 100K mungkin senanglah) and as per advise from the developer, for my own good it's better for me to proceed with the normal procedure.

P.s. Thanx Ah-Long Along for the advance payment!


gedek! said...

Pre cast wall tu maksod lain nya 'pasang siap' ke?

tengok videro tu macam tak perlu beam je?

Sori soalan dari orang yg tak paham pasal building...

Tapi... yes... atap genting is always awesome!

Gud luck on your new 'castle', ya!

lily abd ghafar said...

Hurm..... maksudnya lebih kurang macam u nak buat cake bentuk bulat ke, segitiga ke, petak ke, u kena ada acuan (formwork) dan tuangkan adunan kek ke dalam formwork tadi.

i rasa dia dah ada ground beam and the precast wall with BRC reinforcement dah cukup kuat untuk tanggung load and some load will be transfer to the connector act same like a column. Anyway the house is only a single storey.

Lebih kurang begitulah and IBS is still a new thing for me.

And yesterday i went to see the developer again and it is confirmed by them to change the roof to roof tiles. Aaaaaand the sad thing is they also changing the floor plan. Wuwuwuwu....

Thanks a lot mr mGm!


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