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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Another flower's blooming in the garden....

Mengantuk. But can't sleep. *yawn* Badan letih but this mind just can't shut down. 

Different to the kiddos, they all, system shut down automatic sharp at 10pm.

Since that i can't sleep, so it's better for me cerabeh sikit-sikit di sini. At least, my brain will get exhausted dan automatic kejap lagi after update this entry, it will easily shut down tanpa paksaan. :)

Today, i had my pregnancy check up. As up to date and, my baby now is 36 weeks and 2 days. Previously, my two kids, i deliver at 38 weeks, so Dr Ishak said, in shaa allah, this time also going to be the same, means dat two more weeks to go and probably I'll be deliver in mid-May. Oh gosh! Atotnye kitee....

Anyway, the good news is the baby dah engage. Baby is fine but a bit small tapi sesuai dengan my body figure. Weight about 2.5kilos and the heart beat also fine. 

My lil'one was sleeping this morning when we did the scanning. So not much movement yang dapat kami observe. Anyway this print out is quite funny untuk kami.

Tido tapi mulut melopong. Tak senonoh anak dara ni!
And yes, 2nd flower's in #lyraz garden. My puspawangi cempaka sari. :) 

At last can see the "big-mac" after few attempt meninjau the baby's gender before this. Dr Ishak tried to be funny today by calling my baby genitals as "big-mac" and as always, razi still blur blur. Haha. Gud one doc!

Happy to see u today baby sebab dah dua bulan tak buat scan and we gonna need lots of pink jumpers okay. And let's go for retail teraphy dis Monday cos Selangor cutttiiiiiiiiii! Yeay!


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