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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dental Check Up

I had my dental check up last week. Having my tooth check up after so very long time never been to a dentist. The last one maybe when I was in my secondary school. It is compulsory for a preggie mommy like me as it is one of the KKIA requirement (perlu buat before 8month pregnancy). And i thought it would be a simple check up but ended doing a scaling for my whole teeth. Ouch! Eeeekss! Nyilu terasa sampai sekarang. 

Basically i have no major problem with my teeth but the kind-hearted-dentist told me that there were some plagues which need to be taken away. Or I'll end up loosing my tooth soon as it will effect the gum and the root. Hurrm..... my next visit? Nehiiiii... tak nak!

Ngeeee..... my teeth!
And I bring along Jasmin with me, thinking that she will have her teeth check up too. Derrghhh.... when the dentist ask her to open her mouth, she close her mouth tightly. Maybe takut sebab before tu dia tengok I buat scaling. Even kalau I jadi Jasmin pun, I akan cabut lari balik rumah. But I nak sangat the dentist check her teeth as I've notice her bunny rabbit teeth dah berlubang di tengah. Dah ada rupa macam spongebob pun ada jugak. Tapi tak worst sangat macam some of her cousin yang dah berubah jadi kaler coklat and even worst their teetch dah tak ada rupa gigi. (Sila imagine sendiri...)

One tip from the dentist for kids like Jasmin, the toothpaste is not required yet if they telan all of them when you ask them to brush their teeth. Tak perlu Kodomo Lion or whatsoever. It's enough if u clean their teeth using a clean damp cloth. Some toothpaste is not good for children as they may contain some chemical ingredient yang tak sesuai for them.   

p.s. The month is coming baybeh!  

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Sungai Cruise di suatu petang.....

Haiyak! This is a very long awaited entry and rasanya dah bersarang lama kat draft. Sorry Ayu. Actually, this is regarding my friend visit (a very good sister) to my house last January. 
Her visit to my house has been a long awaited for me and Jasmin as we haven't met her for a berrrryyy long time, a year plus maybe, as we both were so busy with daily routine, family, works and so forth. Even though Kuantan - Seremban is actually can be reached only 4/5 hours by car.

So, her visit to our house early January last month was totally bring happiness and absolutely abolished the sense of longing to each other.  (Pergghhhh... ayat, tak hengat!) She was staying for one night only and of cos we had a very limited of time to have the opportunity to share the whole-world-story. Sigh~~ (i know she have a very-lot-of-story to share with me and that's what bring her to Seremban, maybe you need to stay here for a week or maybe a month, huhu!)

We had a great weekend together around Malacca, went for a river cruise, pusing-pusing Bandar Melaka and had ikan bakar for our dinner. Hope Ayu tak kisah with our little jalan-jalan time and enjoy the hospitality from us even though the next day tengahari Ayu dah off to Kuantan again. Sekejaaaaaaap aje masanya. Sigh~

So, from the limited time that we have, here are some of the ole2 from her, her view of my Jasmin....




P.S. So, next time, return visit from us to Kuantan, maybe Ayu can take us for a cruise around Cherating pulak.... hehe!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Penambahan Ahli Pasukan Rumah Biru

Pheeeewww.... what a long-lokam-eating-holiday..... and today dealing up again with my hectic world as usual....

Nevermind, February have lots of things to cheer me up! Yeay! And the more awesomeness is comin' up on March! Yeay Again!

February is indeed a prosperous month for me and receiving a happy news after another really make it a wondrous month! (and after all, I realize my 2011 year is just started!) o.0

Okay, hope all the happy days will last till end of the year and will bring forward to the next year ahead. Hopping to a better future!

Last Saturday I had my appointment with my fave gynea for my 5 months check up and he is absolutely bring happiness to my small world right now. 1st thing is he has confirmed that there's no more fibroid-look-a-like in my uterus and 2nd thing is he confirmed me that I'm gonna have a baby boy this coming July. That time I senyum sampai telinga. I mean he really relieve me a lot. It was the best news ever, a great God gift.

At first, I didn't expect to see the baby's genital for this time check up as I am most worried of the fibroid issues. Anyway, he gave me two great news. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Even hubby told him not to confirm the baby's gender as he want it to be a surprise. However, Dr Ishak surprise us dulu. 

My gynea scan the baby like always, showing the baby's figure, the head, the face, the leg, the hand, measuring the baby weight and length and et cetera.

And he did the 3D scan and suddenly he said ".....Oh, ada bird....!"

I memang blur orang guna bahasa kiasan ni until he confirm the baby is boy and he showed us the "tegak-tinging". Hehe!

Jasmin is standing on the stair-chair next to me, blankly starring at the screen, maybe she's to small to understand everything but I did tell her that she's gonna have a baby boy. She looks happy. And the best moment sekarang ni, everyday bila dia teringat, she will put her head on my stomach and she will said;

"...... Hello baby, watcudoeng? I love u..."

Huuuu.. so cute. But I'm so worried bila her brother dah ada nanti as now Jasmin is having a syndrome menggigit orang. Siap sedia kepada sesiapa yang cuba rebut her toys, ngap! Tiba-tiba dah dengar budak menjerit je. Hadoilah Jasmin.

From my side, this new baby will be the 11th grandchildren for my parent. And for my husband side, he will be the 24th grandchildren; they will be having two grandson for this year as my sis-in-law also will be deliver her baby by end of this Feb or early March.
Cucu-cucu atok Ji & nenek Ju; my Jasmin is the 10th.
From L-R : Syamirul, Hafiy, Isyreeq, Fifi, Zulaikha, Mira, Irfan, Isyrah a.k.a. chantek, and Juya. On the bicycle, Jasmin.

Presenting the new ahli pasukan rumah biru...............

My baby @ 19 weeks
However, I am always praying hard for me and my baby to be in the best health condition always. Hope there will be no more complication tru my pregnancy time. Semoga Allah permudahkan semua urusan saya dan kuatkan semangat sepanjang perjalanan saya yang always ada up and down ni. Amin.

Owh, I still can remember the taste of the sweeeeeeeetness of air gula till now on my appointment with KKIA last week for MGTT test. Amaigad! That's the first and also it will be the last for me to take those air gula! It taste yuuuuccccckkkkksss!

p.s. ....biarlah kehilangan semua yang dimiliki di dunia, asal masih adanya kamu.......

Tuhan Mendengar Saya : Syukur ke atas rezekiMu ya Tuhanku....

As-Syura [49] Bagi Allah jualah hak milik segala yang ada di langit dan di bumi; Dia menciptakan apa yang dikehendakiNya; Dia mengurniakan anak-anak perempuan kepada sesiapa yang dikehendakiNya dan mengurniakan anak-anak lelaki kepada sesiapa yang dikehendakiNya. [50] Atau Dia mengurniakan mereka kedua-duanya anak-anak lelaki dan perempuan dan Dia juga menjadikan sesiapa yang dikehendakiNya: Mandul. Sesungguhnya Dia Maha Mengetahui, lagi Maha Kuasa.

p.s. owh... i need to find more blue jumpers....

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Prosperous mooooooonnnnntthhhh......

......will be extend till march! hehe! can't wait! can't wait!

Well, nothing much story to tell about, to little story to write about.
Happy holidays peeps.....


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