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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Sungai Cruise di suatu petang.....

Haiyak! This is a very long awaited entry and rasanya dah bersarang lama kat draft. Sorry Ayu. Actually, this is regarding my friend visit (a very good sister) to my house last January. 
Her visit to my house has been a long awaited for me and Jasmin as we haven't met her for a berrrryyy long time, a year plus maybe, as we both were so busy with daily routine, family, works and so forth. Even though Kuantan - Seremban is actually can be reached only 4/5 hours by car.

So, her visit to our house early January last month was totally bring happiness and absolutely abolished the sense of longing to each other.  (Pergghhhh... ayat, tak hengat!) She was staying for one night only and of cos we had a very limited of time to have the opportunity to share the whole-world-story. Sigh~~ (i know she have a very-lot-of-story to share with me and that's what bring her to Seremban, maybe you need to stay here for a week or maybe a month, huhu!)

We had a great weekend together around Malacca, went for a river cruise, pusing-pusing Bandar Melaka and had ikan bakar for our dinner. Hope Ayu tak kisah with our little jalan-jalan time and enjoy the hospitality from us even though the next day tengahari Ayu dah off to Kuantan again. Sekejaaaaaaap aje masanya. Sigh~

So, from the limited time that we have, here are some of the ole2 from her, her view of my Jasmin....




P.S. So, next time, return visit from us to Kuantan, maybe Ayu can take us for a cruise around Cherating pulak.... hehe!


gedek! said...

Sungai cruise tu... been there, done that!

Kagom sebab sungai yg kotor tu dah cantek!

Rambot Jazz tu: gunting sendiri ke gunting kedai?

lily abd ghafar said...

Orang Malaysia kalau tak sampai lagi sana, memang rugi lah. Kan bagus kalau DBKL boleh buat kat sungai Klang pulak. Mesti menarik...

Setakat ni rambut Jasmin tak pernah potong kat kedai, saloon nenek dia ajer. Takot nak bwk gi kedai, niat nak potong rambut, takut terpotong telinga pulak... heeeee...


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