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Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Friend's Visit

Okay sangat amazing kan sebab sekarang ni almost everyday sangat rajin dan free to update my belog entry. Biasalah, earlier this month, bila saya dah hantar resignation letter to my CPM with one month notice, so ke-ber-sungguhan nak bekerja tu so-so aja. I'm leaving IRCON by end of this month *Hatiku dah terbang ke tempat lain*

Last Monday, I had a visit from my very close friend masa kat college dulu. Last time meet up around 2010 and that time they both still study lagi di UK dan bila mereka balik sekejap ke Malaysia, mereka sanggup drive a long way to Seremban from Kuala Selangor just to have a visit with me and Jasmin before they off to UK the next day. What I can say here is, they are such a good friend cos they know how to maintain the relationship.

And last Monday, they drop by at my mom's house from Batu Pahat dan mereka datang bukan berdua tapi dah bertiga! She just delivered to a baby boy last August; Qalish Rayyan Adam. Hamboi panjang lebau namenye! *Tak sure why this year I banyak jumpa NB baby bernama Adam, including my boy!

Here are some pictures which has been taken by them dan apalagi I pon sangat teruja mengcopy-paste direct to my belog. Credit to them! Anyway, trying not to write something yang panjang lebar melalut merapu on this entry, so dah-ku abadikan gambar-gambar kami di belog ku ini.

Me, Jasmin, E'el and Rayyan! Love this moment!

Me sedang mengkelek-kelek budak rambut ala-ala Korean Boy ni! *but now da botak huhuhu

My Adam with aunty E'el

oh! they have their own belog, visit here!


Papa Mifz said...

sure kawan yg sgt baik ni kan...

baby tuh sgt comey...

lily abd ghafar said...

yup, a very good fren.

tenks, mifz pon sgt comel jugak especially tgk mata dia.

and dun worry ttg talasemia tu ye, kami doakan kamu sekeluarga sihat sejahtera. amin.


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