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Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday the Eleventh

Okay before the day of 11.11.11 is over, lemme update something for at least utk diri sendiri ingat how unique dis date was.

Not to write something unique or watsoeva but just a lil bit of my feelings towards my epic life recently.

And some more i dont want my self to be stuck forever in this foolish matters so here is a story which iA will bring a new hope for me and my childrens.

Alhamdulillah, my life has been blessed by god day by day. As early dis year i've managed to get my housing loan and summore give birth to my lovely adam, for me that was a totally bless. God treat me so very well and syukur for the rezeki yang tidak pernah putus-putus tuhan beri.

So far, what i've been planned for all this while mmg tuhan restui. Dan Alhamdulillah, my career life pon showing a positive result.

Being given an opportunity to improve my life, saya tidak lepaskan peluang itu. Better offer dari company lain which i dah consider dan fikir masakmasak from a to z, i grab!

I have to move on! Sy sudah letih menunggu. If he cannot decide so let me decide. Im sure im still on the right track. Not trying to be a selfish woman but decision have to be made. I cant wait for another ten years to realize that i have gain nothing tru all d years im living with the loosers *ooopppssss

Nothing will be change, same lily, same routine but definitely i need the tolerance of "time". You know what i've been passionate from the first time i speak my heart out with you.
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gedek! said...

kelana square tu bangunan yg ada kubah tu, eh?


lily abd ghafar said...

yup, sebelah ngan highway dengan dgn exit tol subang.

early december.

محمد رازيق said...

owh. bru tahu.

lily abd ghafar said...

محمد رازيق :

baru tau ape ye?


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