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Monday, 12 October 2009

My "Hari Raya" Stories

I am so worried that if I don’t get a time to update any of my entries especially on my family ‘raya’ story. Well, as for my concern today is already forth week of Syawal (only a few days left)but still the atmosphere of Aidilfitri are very pleasant and hilarious (but absolutely not for me coz I’ve started work on 4th 5th Hari Raya when everyone still in the mood of ketupat, nasi himpit, lemang, rendang etc)

I’m leaving my previous job at the end of August ’09 and started my new job at Ircon International Limited Seremban early on September ’09 (it is in the middle of Puasa and nearly Hari Raya and of coz its requires me not to take long leaves as it will affect my self "credibility" of an employment of my "hindustan-hei" company..cheeewaahh!!)
Family Photo on First Hari Raya at Kg Penajis Tanjung, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan
This year it was my husband’s turn and I was in Rembau from Raya Eve one day before Raya Eve until second day of Hari Raya. This is my second time of Hari Raya with my in-laws (Frankly speaking, I still feel awkward within the families but at least I’ve tried to get use to all of it and hope there’s no heart feelings amongst my in-laws coz the reason is Jasmin won’t let me go to help the masak-masak thing’ing’… Blame it on Jasmin…) So, I’ve just help my mom-in-law hanging the new langsir and some others housework+baby sitting (syahdu rasanya… especially on Raya Eve without mummy, babah and all my siblings but at least I still feel lucky because they are still exist here to celebrate Raya with me... sympathy to the orphans...)
Nothing much to jot down here on how I spending my Hari Raya celebrations this year and the normal agenda of Hari Raya is visiting all the relatives, collecting ang-pow’s and makan-makan. This year is the second year of Hari Raya with Jasmin and I do feel great and full of excitement. As last year, Jasmin was only 3+4 months old so the celebration is bit liveliness and we just stay at home enjoying T.V. programs. This year Jasmin is able to walk fully without any helps from anyone and that was the best present, great moment of all. However, she just got an “L” license so she was walking non-stop and sometimes without brakes (pictures).

Anyway, these Hari Raya is still special for me and hubby especially when Jasmin really showing her ability and the important thing is she enjoys her Hari Raya with her Abah & Ibu... We both love you Jasmin.. and now I'm waiting for her conversation skills as she now was mumbling and bubling (baby talks) a lot...


gedek! said...

Alahai! Kecewanya ! Satu je gambar jasmin pakai baju kurong! Tu pon dari belakang!

lily abd ghafar said...

even i cannot explain why...

p/s:until now, stiiiilll waiting...
(maybe sampai berjanggut kot)


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