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Monday, 19 October 2009

Wonder Weekend

It still a Deepavali mood in my office for this whole week and mostly staff here are all Indians and many are still on leaves. (Happy Deepavali to all Indians!!!!) My manager was on leave for two weeks to celebrate Deepavali with his family in India (Delhi if I'm not mistaken) and of course it was a "party" for myself for this two weeks ahead... (wooohhhoooo!! no drafting work for temporary!!! and I will update my entries as much as i want!!! haha!!)

As last Saturday was a Deepavali holiday so i filled my Saturday morning time with Jasmin cooking some spaghetti for her (as my mom and I was noticing her since last week she loves to eat noodles instead of her carrot+potato porridge) So I decided to cook for her some spaghetti and at the same time teaching her on how to use fork and spoon (but without a table manners because it is still a looooonngg way to go...)However please don't misjudge me on this (konon poyo nak ajar anak makan pakai sudu dan garpu), well what I'm trying to say here is I'm teaching her using some other skills instead of only using fingers she also requires to learn on how to eat using basic eating utensils (fork and spoon).

What I can conclude here that she knows the techniques but she still need some practice and understand how it works. Practice makes perfect (fave quotes) Go! Go! Jasmin!!

Jasmin dearly, Ibu really have a wonderful weekend filled with great moment with u my girl!!

Let picture's do the talking:

First step: Spoon on left hand-side and fork on my right hand-side

Second step: Put the spaghetti inside my mouth

Third step: Slluuurrrppp.....Taaadaaaa.... Now the spaghetti already went off inside my tummy.. and I even have a "spag-goaty" just like abah.. *wink*wink*

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