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Monday, 11 October 2010

The 'Choot" "Choot" Experience

We are not-so-often dapat fully enjoy our weekend together (what i mean together here is abah-ibu-jasmin) especially an outing activities together. So yesterday a.k.a. 10.10.10 we take the opportunity to memorize the day of the decade by filling our quality time "efficiently" ("...hehe efficient katenye...")

As I am not really satisfied with mrAbah that day, time yang dia bawa Jasmin naik Choot Choot tu, so i've decided to repeat the moment again. Not satisfied cos I'm not with them experiencing the moment together. 

The best part about yesterday is, mrAbah decided that we are going to have fun together by fully utilize the public transportation. Cool! For me but not for Jasmin.

It is easy to get a taxi in Seremban. Call them and in less than 5mins, they are already in front of the house. Jasmin has never been in taxi before and there was a funny incident yesterday when we are heading to the taxi. When I open the taxi door, suddenly she run away and directly straight to my car. She cried! She don't want to be in the taxi and even tried to open my car door. Oh Jasmin! FYI, she was crying all half way to the commuter station....    

However, just in a minute we reached the station, she said

"......Ibu.... choot! choot!...."

Satu Malaysia! Satu Choot! Choot!

Lagi sekali Satu Malaysia! Yeah! Yeah!

Ini bukan helah nak "pek" tapi malu-malu sebab ade brader hensem dok depan die asyik senyum2 kat die!

We reached KL Sentral around 1130am something. Another funny part bila dah sampai station MidValley, Jasmin dah ajak balik. Ye lah, maybe dah boring coz it takes about 1 1/2 hour to reached our destination. Some more, Start Station Nilai, our coach dah mula crowded and maybe Jasmin dah rimas. And most of the crowd are foreigners, terasa macam ada di luar negara pulak!

When we reached KL Sentral, terus cari next train nak ke KLCC. Baru saya sedar, dah lama rasanya saya tak gunakan public transport. Sampai tak sedar yang PUTRA LRT dah ditukar nama ke RapidKL. Sejak bila ek? 

Ni time naik RapidKL
Memang tak reti duduk diam
Fave Q: ".....ni ape..?"

Petronas Twin Tower

Tak sah kalau tak pekena seround dua!

 I used to walk here everyday to CENFAD, KLCC Park

Pusing-pusing @ KLCC
Masjid Asy Syakirin KLCC
Posing kejap while waiting turn 

Time ni di KL Sentral but we reached Seremban around 7pm

 Lucky us sebab that time this train stop and sempat snap pic!

 Satu Malaysia lagi!
 Op! Op! Stop choot! choot! Stop!

Best sebab dapat tegolek-golek, merangkak-rangkak, baring-baring kat station ni!

 Ibu yang sangat geram!

 Abah, Jasmin dah tak larat!

PEACE yaw! Jasmin style!

p.s. Jika ini untuk kebaikan, aku redha Ya tuhanku.....

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