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Thursday, 28 October 2010

It is Special Made from the Heart

MrHubby called me yesterday morning in the office and told me that his father is craving for ikan bilis currypuff. As from my mrHubby info, my pak mentua was trying to find it in all over places but it's hard to found on what he need (karipap kentang ayam/ daging byklah). 

So, mrHubby trying to searched everywhere and even called his friend's wife to find out whether they have the stock or not but unfortunately it was sold out plus he have to wait for few days for her supplier to sent the order. MrHubby last resort is by calling me and ask me if mommy could made some ikan bilis currypuff for my pak mentua.

I directly called my mommy the chief tukang masak and she said 

'....okay....' (remember I told u last time, nothing worries her, relax jer jawab soklan I)

She list all the things that i need to buy and after work zaaaaaasssss! me off to the groceries shop.

We have made two types of ikan bilis currypuff which are one is filled with serunding ikan bilis and another one is filled with kentang and blended-ikan-bilis. 

MrHubby will send them off this afternoon to kampung. I hope my pak mentua will like it and eat it as much as he like it; as for this past few weeks he has lost his appetite on foods. All his children and the in-laws is trying hard to win his heart and pujuk-pujuk-ing him to eat so that he will always in the pink of health. 

My pray will always be with you and may my pak mentua will have quick recover soon so that he will be able to timang-timang his cucu-soon-to-be nanti......

Special custom made ikan bilis currypuff for my pak mentua

p.s. Seriously, Jasmin is the one who is the super-busy last night helping out on the currypuff making. Thank you Jasmin! She has taken five of currypuff dough and "canai" it so-like-nenek-did! Sangat tak "menureh"!


gedek! said...

1) Baiknya menantu...

2) So, how's the bisnes?

3) 'Menureh'?

lily abd ghafar said...

1)Always trying to be one....

2)Bisnes? hehe... Nak order?

3) Bahasa negeri sembilan; tak berbaloi-baloi (lebih kurang la)


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