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Thursday, 6 May 2010

May is Mommy Day!

Teeehee! I love May coz I’m planning something interesting for this month with Mr Husband and my Jasmin…. I’m counting the day’s ya’alls…..

Another thing is, Mommy’s Day is just around the corner… and of coz need some plan for the celebration but I am not really sure what my siblings really going up to for these coming 9th but I’m sure we gonna have makan-makan lah tu! 

I like Mommy’s Day coz this is the day where we share and show our fullest love to our mommy and the great thing is we are going to have lots of fun together. Mommy is 55 years old this year and Alhamdulillah she is still maintain healthy and fit and she just came back from Bangkok as ya’alls know Bangkok sedang popular dengan fashion baju merahnya (but my mom said, it is safe being in Bangkok and nothing much to worry……betapa rileksnya my Mommy!)

 Latest Pict of my Mommy and Ica @ Bangkok
(Nowadays, sejak dua menjak dah kahwin ni, tak dapat la nak join travel sana travel sini, but i hope next year to Singapore, u'all will take me & Jasmin too ye!)

 Mommy is a cool person in the world, very hard to see her “melatah” and marah-marah (but sometimes masa kecik2 dulu kena juga libas dengan batang paip sedas dua, biasalah telatah anak2 nakal macam saya) 

Evenmore, Mommy not kind of suka nagging person and she tackle anak2 dengan komunikasi. Kalau Mommy marah pun dia tak akan membebel2 but somehow I perasaan whenever she is in the kitchen and bising je bunyi pinggan mangkuk, I know that something is tak kena. Tengah marah la tu. Hehe! Setuju kan?

Well indeed we all adik-beradik memang anggap mommy as our friend and whatever suka, duka, gembira, sedih, handsome, hodoh, first period, tinggi, kurus, masalah suami/isteri, boyfriend, girlfriend, nak kahwin, masalah dunia, negara, antarabangsa or what-ever-things-lah, we talk to our Mommy first (but Babah is different, so tunggu versi Father’s Day pula ye!) 
 My Mommy & Ica (lagi) @ Angkor Wat, Cambodia
(Recent visit (Babah, Mommy & Ica) to Cambodia after more than ten years left the country, actually more to series Jejak Kasihan Babah!)

 Mommy likes travelling and she travels a lot and so do we all the 6 siblings, you name it where she tak pergi, semua dah sampai. I still remember when Babah join the United Nation in Cambodia, Mommy also went there when Babah ask her to come there for about two weeks(if I’m not mistaken lah, belasah je nih), tinggal lah kami 6 beradik di Malaysia bersama-sama Opah tercinta. Eventhough Cambodia that time baru lah nak aman but my Mommy still maintain cool, no worries. 

 My Mommy and (lagi-lagi) Ica @ Jogjakarta
(this is before the earthquake)
(they also went there berdua saje dan Lily tidak pergi di atas alasan sudah berkahwin... daym!)

 We also (me, my adik and mommy) went to India and visit Taj Mahal (only three of us je tau!) Two weeks travel around north India and it is really a great experience we had!

And in Malaysia pula (especially in Semenanjung, dah merata rasanya my Mommy pergi, but the adventurous one is when we (me, my adik and mommy) went to Tasik Pedu,some kind of girls day out after fetch my adik from USM Nibong Tebal. Memang giler-ah! Sebab bila check semula di dalam Atlas, Tasik Pedu memang dah sampai sempadan Siam, nasib baik tak kena tahan dengan Komunis hehe!. Stay one night there and memang berbaloi! Recommended place to stay! 

Dan ke-Adventurous-an Mommy ni pun dah bawa Mommy ke Gunung Kinabalu juga. Even saya pun tak pernah bermimpi untuk sampai ke puncak, but mommy has made it! Bravo Mommy! 

Well, there are loads of story to tell about my Mommy, but the limited time i have here buat saya terpaksa stop di sini.

So, to be concluded here, apa yang my Mommy boleh buat, anak-anak pasti akan buat yang terhabis-baik dari itu and i promise her for my degree, and i will get it for you, Insyallah..... 

 Happy Mother's Day to All Mothers in the world!
Sincerely, Jasmin......

P/S: Can't wait for Jasmin to wish me "Selamat Hari Ibu" ibu...... oooohhhhh, sungguh syahdu.....


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Yes to the 'tocang'!

lily abd ghafar said...

hehe! u can notice the tocang eh!?


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