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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Champion (-lah sangat!)

It's hard to get some time to write something which sudah berbeku di hati since last few weeks. And I don't care, today I have to note down something interesting for Jasmin's future reading *wink*wink*

Sorry Jasmin, Ibu just got time to update on our activities last weekend. So far, life is getting better among the families and especially between me and Mr H. No more things could easily jeopardize our marriage now (recently NO! future also NO!) Syukur Alhamdulillah! But I'm still praying harder for this relationship to be last until death do us apart. Baiklah cukup! Cerita lain pulak.

Back to my earlies perenggan, last weekend we spend our quality time pergi main badminton. Biasalah, mr H terkena tempias Piala Thomas dan World Cup pun will be coming next month so i guest he will be busy for football-ing next month, hurm, ikut aje lah!

Here is some of the pictures yang sempat I snap untuk tontonan umum:

Mr H vs AJKnya; En. Mamat 
(saya rasa macam terpaksa aje En. Mamat ni bermain badminton...)

CiK Jasmin waiting for her turn nak main badminton, siap ada bekal 100Plus sebotol!

Haaaa.... still maintain waiting for her turn... Sedang menilai skill rakan-rakan yang lain.

Gaya 1: Appearance dari Cik Jasmin ( siap ada orang jaga bola kat hujung tuh!)

Gaya 2: Tergelincir pulak! (tu orang yang kat belakang tu tengah bergegas nak ambil mop!)

Gaya 3: Lambat sangat orang mop nih, saya mop sendiri ajelah!

Cik Jasmin feels that the umpire sangat tak adil, so she decided to be umpire herself!

Tapi nak naik pun kena minta orang tolong! Haih!

P.S. Frankly I tell you, the most exhausted person of the day is your Ibu!

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