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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Cerita Tentang Kucing Saya (My Cat Story)

Ceh…ceh… tajuk saya hari ini macam Jasmin nak buat karangan je kan?
Sebenarnya macam ni, selalu saya berfikir, whether I’m alone or with Jasmin or whenever my mr husband around or sometimes when I’m driving, or when I’m at home, tengah sapu sampah, tgh memasak atau tengah gosok baju suami saya! or even tengah mandi pun saya terfikir bila agaknya nak menulis sesuatu for my “mak-kucing” (actually she is my cat and I come out with that name because she gave birth every twice a year! *wink*wink)
To be details, she is actually someone else cat and I didn’t know which-moron-people yang sanggup buang kucing secantik & sebijak & segemuk dia. I remember the first day I saw her, she looks so takut-takut and suddenly terdetik-in-my-heart that I should keep her (eventhough that time I sedang ada 11 ekor(s) hamster di rumah but ended with “mak-kucing” eat all of ‘em! Sangat Kejam you “mak-kucing”!) but I don’t care. I pity her because she was found at my mom’s kedai and that time she’s alone and I am 100% sure she doesn’t have place to go, so I take her home. (I take her into my car and she is sitting quietly at seat behind,so like big-bos, except that she doesn’t know how to read, if kalau tak I akan provide her with newspaper! LOL!)
 My beautiful "mak-kucing"
 That time I was living in police quarters and my house was in 9th floor and I know it’s not really sesuai for me to have cat in the house (as for our past experience, our BLACKY (also a cat) pernah terjun dari tingkat Sembilan ke bawah; dengar gossip between my siblings, dia putus cinta dengan one of our house cat juga, syahdu….! Tapi tak mengapa, barang yang di lepas jangan di kenang)
Back to my “mak-kucing” story, she is actually such a smart cat I’ve ever had. You know lah kan, bila nak bela kucing, mesti kena ajar di mana dia akan poop, especially macam saya tinggal nun di atas langit, so my “mak-kucing’ ni tak ada masalah because in the morning after, I found out that she poop in the toilet. WOW! I was so amazed that time because I don’t have to teach her where to poop. (Kan saya dah kata awal2 tadi yang dia ni bijak) Kencing pulak dia akan duduk kat floor trap and syuuuuuu…. Even all her kittens pun akan buat benda yang sama (she is like a GURU!)
Syukur Alhamdulillah, my ‘mak-kucing’ has been living with me for the past of seven years and still maintain healthy and gebu (except that her sneezing-sydrome never last until now). 
I’ve known her before I met my husband and before Jasmin come to our live; and when I move out from my parents house, I bring her with me and until now she’s still living with us as one family and I know I always do love her, and Jasmin love her so much too…….

P/S: I've been living with cats since I was still a small kid and because it's a legacy from my mommy and she teach me (us) how to love cats. And for Jasmin, you also have to learn how to love  the cats and never ever hurt them kerana mereka juga adalah makhluk Tuhan (God's Creatures). 

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