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Thursday, 21 January 2010

To tell you how much I care......

I just received my medical card via snail mail yesterday; after registered myself and Jasmin early this month with MAA Takaful as it was one of my concerned on our financial future medical expenses. The medical card a.k.a SmartMEdic100 is comprehensively giving us coverage on the hospitals admission and hospital bills (worldwide) and they provide very trusted panel’s hospitals. Even it also covered us if we admitted to the government hospital! No claims, no cash, just give the card and let them do the money thing (but it depends on some hospitals as they may required deposits but can be reimburse as per discharge)

Well, I realize all this when one of my friend is diagnose with breast cancer and the poor thing is she doesn’t have any savings on the medical expenses (hospital bills, this bills, that bills, the specialist doctor consultancies fees etc) and at the end of the day, she is facing a problems not only on financial medical expenses but some more tense her on that matters too! (....what I’m trying to say here is “seperti sudah jatuh di timpa tangga”). Some serious/major health cases like heart problem, cancer, kidney dialysis or etc which we need to refer to the specialist doctor and of coz it’s required huge amount of money on the bills. The worst part is her husband also doesn’t have any savings and even doesn’t have any fixed income (…kerja tak tetap, caruman tak ada, saving tak ada, harap belas ehsan sedara mara…) (…I pity her so much u know!!)

Can’t anyone tell me which one is better, private or government? So tepuk dada tanya selera!

So, as for me, better sediakan payung sebelum hujan (macam orang tua-tua dulu selalu pesan….)

p/s: I feel relieves when Jasmin is well protected now plus she is also provided with education fund.... (bertuahnya Jasmin! so Jasmin, please don't be so noty and please listen to what i say to you everyday okay!)


gedek! said...

Good for you! Langkah yang tepat!

Ada orang tu alasan je nak beli mediccard atau insuran. Katanya takde duit dll..

Walhal, at rumah tu yang tak penting semua boleh tanggong, contoh : Astro, rokok,, bla bla bla....

lily abd ghafar said...

kan bagus kalau semua lelaki berfikiran macam u...

if without medic cards pon, at least ada saving utk kecemasan pun dah okay..

for example, daripada spent duit beratus2 ringgit per month utk rokok baik simpan, lama2 jadi bukit...


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