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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Year End Family Gathering

Cameron Highland, Pahang
27th- 28th December 2009

We ended the year of 2009 on spending the "last 2009 weekend" at Cameron Highland and we were staying at Carnation Apartment, Tanah Rata (...more comfy compare to last year...huhu!). I am so excited coz this is the first time we were spending the holiday (at cameron) with Jasmin (...as last year, I was 7 month pregnant and Jasmin is still wiggle jingle inside my womb...)

This picture is taken last year (2008) at Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation.

This picture is taken at Pasar Malam Brinchang.
Behind Left: Lily, Razi, Jasmin, Et, Mommy, Ica, Abg Zul, Hafiy (....gi mane2 pon tito aje...)
Front Left: Zulaikha, Fifi, Mirul,"Joyah" (hehe!)

And at picture above Along takde but on this picture die ade and the kids with "tanduk" version....

This year, Akak and Abg Eddy (only their children); and Mak Mah family is not joining us as they were having other things going on. However this year Abang and her daughter Ishrah is joining the party as last year only Ishreeq was coming with us.

The kids with "mak budak"......

These are the two rugrats which were not exist last year.
Well, we are having a photo session with this Missy Chantek (Ishrah) but all out of sudden Jasmin come and destroy all the moods... (haha!)

Vege-vege Lunch
Picnic Session by the river
before we take off to Seremban (...but the place is still under construction and we are not really enjoying the scenery...)

Sesi "Anak" bawak "Bapak" gi jalan-jalan
After all, I love these moment very much !

P/S: I just can't wait for our next vacation in 2010. Hurm... Langkawi? Terengganu? Redang? Tioman? Pulau Besar Mersing? Tasik Pedu? Genting Highland? Fraser Hill?

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