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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Maulud Nabi Holiday

I have nothing much to update for last week holiday. Well, me & Jasmin (and of coz with my hubby) just spending time at home and filled our quality time together. (However, three of us only spent half day of "Fried-Day" and after Solat Jumaat, hubby had go to work, so just left me alone with Jasmin...) Thinking that we haven't used yet the ring-pool that we just bought last month, so we decided to let Jasmin playing on the pool at our house porch (letting her playing with water even-though her cough+flu didn't fully recovered yet; ooowh what a "caring" & "generous" parent u have Jasmin haha!!) It's fine if my Jasmin enjoying it very much..... but the poor thing is she's alone, so quite and no ones in the pool with her playing with the water. My hubby insist me to go inside the pool but i wonder what if the "orang taman" would say if they saw me in the small pool with Jasmin (perhaps they might think that I'm out of my mind, so i said to my hubby "no, thank you" huhu!)

Can you imagine if i was in the ring-pool with Jasmin? OMG! So me & hubby just sit nearby her and watched her playing with the balls etc. (Hurm, you want "adik" eh Jasmin? haha!)

After finished swimming, I decided to make some chocolate cake for Jasmin as for my concerned she is "so-like-hantu" with chocolate. I already bought the mixture for almost two weeks++ before and just had time to bake the cake. I never bake a cake before so this is my first cake-baking ever in life... haha! After all, it's not really hard to bake a cake, just follow the instruction behind the box and I will get a choco-licious cake same like the illustration on the box!!! (yeah... yeah...)

Jasmin with the cake mixture.
So happy and grateful with her "so-very-hardworking-lah-sangat-Ibu" for baking a chocolate cake for her (hehe!)

Set the temperature, heat the oven and the cake mixture is ready to be put inside the oven. (Oh My...Oh My...Oh My...)


So, what do you think of the looks? Hahahaha!
I know it looks funny but still it taste good coz it made with full of kasih sayang...
(by the way it's "hangit" on the top but well-cook on the inside+bottom)
What I learn here is, please use converter to convert the temperature of 350degreesFehrenheit to Degree Celcius!!!

P/S: I might not a very good baker today but Ibu will always learn to be a super-baker one day. Practice makes perfect... (So Jasmin, no matter what you did, no matter how hard you try, just do your best with some extra effort and never give up. I'm sure you'll get what you want, you'll be what you want to be, that is a promise.....) Luv U !!!!


myraedora said...

it's ok akk..yg penting kite iklas buat kek 2..yum2..mcm sedp jer..bile agknyer boley rase..huhhuhh

lily abd ghafar said...


at fisrt tgk kek tu mmg kelakar giler sbb rupa dia tak jadi mcm kek pon (mcm ada bukit pulak)

tapi, itu fisrt try, maybe for second try, u should come to seremban. Time tu mesti rasa macam secret recepi punya ar!! guarantee!!


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