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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Pulut Kuning Semangat & Dua Kuntum Bunga Ros

I've reached my annually-counted number yesterday.... Thank God and so grateful for still being given a chance to stay alive and being given a good fortune and nourishment of life for the 26 years on these planet earth!   

A Bouquet  from my Dearest Hubby
(which some of the flower telah berjaya dikutil2 oleh Jasmin)
So, what is the significant of the two orange roses and how come its not red? Love & Hate? and why it is decorate with beautiful chrysanthemum flowers? (Hurm.... Tuhan sahaja yang tahu kenapa.....) Anyway, thank you so very much, sangat wangi!

You know that since we've known each other, I am not kind of materialistic girl yang terhegeh2 nak itu nak ini (coz I don't even care if you give me nothing at all as long that you are always here with me & Jasmin). I know how you struggle hard for your living (for us), syukur Alhamdulillah your love tidak pernah berbelah bahagi. It is much2 appreciated.

Syukur Alhamdulillah too coz I'm still here with Jasmin;for me, the greatest give of all is having Jasmin in our lives. Giving her with the greatest Love we had. That is the reason why we are still together and still holding hands until forever. 

And after 26 years of living, I realize what is the significant of my mommy's pulut kuning. The pulut kuning is very sacred for me and my mommy for every 22nd March each year. It is some kind of showing our appreciation and gratitude to Allah S.W.T. for giving chances for us to live more. It is also for gaining our spirit and strength....and want to know why? It is a looooooong story.....(and for my Jasmin, I'll tell you one day when you start to give up live...huhu

So, for this year, I'm wishing that I would be a very great+understandable+beautiful+hardworking+knowledgeable+caring
a. Wife
b. Mother
c. Daughter
d. Employee
e. Malaysian citizen

Lily Abd Ghafar.


 Rupa saya umur 26 tahun.....


gedek! said...

Whaaa... dapat bunga! Romentik hasben rupanya... Tahniah ya! (Pukul sikit tangan jasmin sbb kutil2 that beautiful bunga!)

lily abd ghafar said...

romentik ler sangat...
bunga mmg agenda tahunan but I wonder why I don't get lilies this year... hurm...

anyway, thanx so much!

p/s: lagi I cubit dia, lagi dia gelak berdekah2...jasmin yg pelik~~


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