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Thursday, 27 August 2009

On my fasting days...

The opportunity to post something here is absolutely takes me to squeeze my very limited time (means that I am a not-so-free working mom). At last I can seat down right in front of my office PC and jot down something which I am eagerly can’t wait to share with my readers (if there‘s one)

Of course I don’t ‘curi tulang’ at my office by the time I write these entry but somehow all my office works required me to used my physically stamina instead of my mentally approached (it’s Ramadhan you see!!!) So better for me to wrap myself into this ABC123 composition thing (blogging-lah!!) without my coffee besides me. I’m saving my energy until buka puasa.

Something to share; Besides blogging, on this fasting season, I filled my after-sahur-time with my so-so-not hobby which is reading. As I can remember the last book I have read is around three or four months ago; title Daddy by Dannielle Steel)

It is quite a long time I have stopped reading and I think I have to start reading again as Jasmin is learning now on her everyday life by watching, listening and talking etc means that she is imitating others right now. Plus I am so excited to see her ‘bertatih’ (walk) with one or two steps and hoping that she can be able to walk by this coming Hari Raya Aidilfitri (kita nak kutip duit raya ni Min, so you have to walk faster!! and some more, Abah promise to take us to Zoo Melaka and Genting Highland!!)

Ketika Cinta Bertasbih Episode 1 & 2– I am tempted to read these books since the film was on cinema last June in Indonesia. Lucky me, my Along was in Jakarta last two weeks and I ‘order’ the book through her. (Thanks Along and I owe her about Rph 60K for the sake of the book) I’m starting to fell in love with Habbiburrahman El Sherazy writing since the film of Ayat-Ayat Cinta (I don’t have the book coz I’ve watch the film two times and two times I cried and my hubby even want to produce a book called “Ayat-ayat Hidung” “….haha very funny of you(but it’s not)…”)

And right now, I’m still struggling (even forcing haha that's harsh) myself to read the book from the limited time I have and hope that I’ll finished it as soon as possible. Insyallah, I’ll post something on my comments after I finished reading the book. Let’s see whether the story is greater, devastated, more love, interesting or in synonims than “Ayat-ayat Cinta” by Pak Habbiburahman or “P/S: I love You (or in German P/S: Ich Liebe Dich) by Cecilia Ahern.

Till then…


Anonymous said...

wow...jasmin try to "bertatih" that nice..waaa..uncle hope that jasmin will eventually walking faster that ur mum ok....u need to move every inch of space that u can get because able to walk is the gift so share it with mum and dad.

dont forget to celebrate raye with lot of "magic" that u can because after this uncle have to give u duit raye...but u must make the "magic" first..hehehe

lily abd ghafar said...

of coz lah syuk...can't wait to see jasmin walk and run and after this kak lily akan bertambah fit lagi...(underweight dah nih!!)

jasmin say's: duit raya..? red color is the minimum okay uncle... (hehe)

lizz said...

dah bace that book!! best :)

Anonymous said...

uhuk..uhuk..AHAK?!!!....hehehe..tbatuk la..uncle kt cni..minimum merah ekh?!kalo ijau pekat xnk?!ke ijau pucuk pisang nk?!hehehehe..nk digit beca2..kecik2 xley ke?!hehehe..

wow...akak da underweight?!ni musti join sukan bkuarge..hehehe..acare kejar ank kn?!kn?!hehehe..besa la..keletah bdk2..hehehe..xpe2..t wt la..acara bganti2..hehehe..


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