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Friday, 14 August 2009

Ramadhan Fever

I feel stress and a bit mind-numbing for these few weeks with lots of passing by and coming up events and soon ramadhan are just around the corner.

Before I precede furthermore, something that I just wanted to share is I am congratulating myself on my convocation ceremony which has been held on the 9th August 2009 at Shang Ri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. I was graduated in Higher National Diploma in Civil Engineering Studies. Alhamdulillah..

**This picture is taken right after my convocation, my hubby and Jasmin is not allowed to enter the ballroom because of the H1N1. (Damn you H1N1!!)

Back to the story, I am not sure (what I am worried the most) is whether I can cope to wake up early in the morning and prepare for sahur for my hubby as last year I am spending my whole ramadhan at my mom-in-law house. Fortunately on last year ramadhan I was still in half of my pantang “session” and my duty of the month was a bit limited (although it was really a stressful 46 days).

Experiencing a ramadhan for the first time outside of my own parent’s territory ought me to make lots of sacrifices… Anyway, semoga ramadhan membawa keberkatan kepada kita semua. Amin. Welcome Ramadhan Al-Mubarak…

Celebrating ramadhan this year with the H1N1 pandemic (which fears the whole world) is absolutely will not going to be the same as the previous year’s of ramadhan. Until this time of my writing, it is reported that there are 51 deaths and about 1000++ cases all around Malaysia. This pandemic worries not only me but the whole planet earth!!!

When will all this be stop? Last week my hubby got a fever and has the symptoms of the influenza and I thank God because he was not infected with the mutation virus. It was only a normal flu. Two times of blood testing (from the KPJ and Klinik Kesihatan) seems like the results is negative. Syukur Alhamdulliah my hubby was okay and he was given the antibiotics and other medicine to cure all the symptoms he had likes cough, flu, fever and sore throat. However, I have to be more cautious towards myself and also Jasmin.

For another case, I went to HTTJ yesterday as my husband keep asking me to joint him visiting her nephew which is suspected with the H1N1. At first I was a bit worried (Oh God, please protect Jasmin) because I was about to see someone which is in an isolation term. After all, I’ve given a second thought and I went to see her with my mask protects all around my face. (Gosh, I do looks like a surgical doctor! Ha!!Ha!!)

The time I arrive, she was sleeping and the doctor has given her the antiviral. The feelings of sympathy is all around me when I look at her (deep inside my heart says; Oh God, once again I’m begging You please protect her and my Jasmin)My sis-in-law told me that her daughter will have some kind of delusional which brings her too see and hear things which normal people can’t. (Wew!!)
**So far, there were 7 other kids who are admitted in the wards for the same cases and I’m praying for them too.

As I was getting ready for my good night sleep last night and suddenly I was thinking about what kind of journey that I’m having through right now and for tomorrow? Am I going to have a good night sleep like this everyday? If today these pandemic has become a nightmare to others, I can’t imagine that someday it will be my nightmare too. Nauzubillahhiminzalik…


gedek! said...

I'm guessing that the 'jangGOAT' is your hubby? Cool name actually! :) Selamat berpuasa!

lily abd ghafar said...

haahaa kind of..nice guest.. thanks anyway for dropping by.. happy ramadhan and selamat berpuasa too!!


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