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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

What a Cute Caring Mom!

LOL ! ! ! she looks funny tho!

I just got to know bout this vids tru some of my blog-walking activities...

And when I google about it, I know everyone is talking 'bout this hillarious mom who send her msg to her son (Mohd Khairuddin) tru webcam....

Good to know, She just delivered a simple message yet caring advices to his son and absolutely she is shooooo selamberrrr mom!

So Jasmin, this is actually one way of telling you how much i care for you! She just knew what should I say to you when you're leaving me for your study one day....(But dear,please just ignored the "bangau" part!)

P.S. Don't worry Jasmin, Ibu wont make such dat kind of video for you! HEheHe! Maybe I will find out some other ways to deliver my advices....(Warning: Absolutely not in You Tube!)


myraedora said...

hahaha..klakr plak tgk untie 2..
tp ape die ckp 2 semua mengigatkn kite time kecik2 dlu..rndu my mum..x sbr nk lik kg..huhuhu
smoga k.lily menjadi ibu yg terbaik tuk Jasmin..

myraedora said...

hahahha..so sweet untie 2 bg msj kt ank die..tp ape yg die ckp 2 memng mengingatkn kite dgn my mum..x sbr nk lik kg. meet my mum..luv u mak
hope K.Lily menjadi ibu terbaik utk Jasmin

nur farisya iman said...

hahahaha....lawak jer ibu die nie.....tetibe x th cmner nk tutup...hehehe...so, for my Jasmin, dun worry...ur mom more advance in anything...hehehe....she will do anything for u...huh,teringin plak nk webcam dgn my Jasmin...

JULYA said...

dah glemer tul auntie ni...julya 1st tgk pun mase bf julya bg link die kat msn...salute sama ini makcik.hehe


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