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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Jasmin First Day of School

I have lots of story to share regarding Jasmin especially tentang first time she go to kindergarten.

Jasmin starts her kindy class early as she has to attend orientation class on the 27th. So she had the rest of the week "orientated" with all the new teachers n friends and the surroundings and week full of crying and shouting. Owh what a week. I had to keep myself with her for the whole week and after 8am plus plus i have to shoot to kj for work. Owh what a hectic week for me. Anyway, the teachers really helping especially teacher sharifah and teacher kelly to look after my jasmin. I took MC on the first day cos i dont feel confident to let her be with the teachers alone. Biasalah jasmin..... And on the afternoon kena paw dgn dia kfc and guest what she told me she dont want to go to school again tmrw. Pffffftttsss!

Her happy face on her first day of orientation. Sgt happy dan teruja okay! But not until she found out that majority kids her age starts to cry aaaaaand apalagi jasmin pun turut serta join the club.

Inside her class with her friend, Putri. This little girl is very good cos langsung tak nangis. Cool jer.... But not like jasmin.

In front of the class with teacher sharifah. She is a very good and kind and informative teacher. For the time being jasmin will be in her class temporary to make sure that jasmin is comfortable with the school environment.

Despite of all the crying, only this playground can stop her from shouting "nak balik nak balik".

Probably she must be thinking that school is just about playing with all the gelongsor and those jongkang jongket. Huhuhu

And jasmin is in class 4 Strawberry.

Jasmin's kindergarten.

Okay, as updated today she is now more cool than the other day. Once she is in her classroom she starts to play. Anyway, she still crying in front of the school and very hard to wake her up in the morning and ask her to go shower as we all know jasmin memaaaaaaang liat nak mandi.

And yesterday she told me one of her friend minum ribena dia sampai habes. Haih kindy pun ada geng buli kah? Huhuhu. Nevermind jasmin sharing is caring but still u need to know the limits!

To be concluded here, jasmin's going to school, im happy, and it makes me think that my little baby girl is big enuff to make me feel old.

But im still young at heart, always.........
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