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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Broga, My Jiran Next Door & Jasmin

Here I go with another random story of my daily life activities.
Mendaki Bukit Broga.
We had a great day spending our quality time together with Jasmin and my jiran next door.
Second time there for me and Razi but first time for my jiran and Jasmin.

Dah lama rasanya tak buat entri panjang lebar dan tepek gambar banyak-banyak.
Hari ini mari balas dendam. Hewhewhew.

Anyway,tis was planned by my jiran sebenarnya.
Ye lah, after what has happened to me lately, the dark moments, the difficult time, she suggest me to take a break. Go holiday katanye...

Nak gi holiday mmg taklah sebab duit tak berapa nak berkembang awal tahun gini. Gali lobang sana, tutup lobang sini. So at last, we decided to climb the Broga Hill. At least for a retreat and hopkossss jiran nak selfie sambil nengok sunrise ngan incik somi terchenta katanye... 

Thank God the weather was fine that day. And the day before also no rain and even the morning we climb the hill pon no rain.
The trail wasn't slippery much and it was safe for Jasmin.

Jasmin was the excited person on earth that day.
She woke up at 0500am in the morning with no problem at all.
I just called her name one time and automatically she got up and went to bathroom and change her cloth, on her own okay, no help from Ibu. She even didn't asked for warm water or anything. So dengar cakap and no tantrum at all. Haihla Jasmin, ai wish you can behave like dat every morning when you want to go to school.

We ols hired Budak Milo untuk supplied our drinks everytime we ols start pancit.

The early start of mother and daughter adventure :)
Okay, Jasmin, honestly ai tell you tis time, Ibu is pancit!

She is a strong little girl. And amazingly Jasmin didn't sweat at all.
Jiran 279 & 280 bersatu bergabung meletop!

Okay, as usual I am the last one yang reached the top. First time reached the Broga peak. Last time ai hanya sampai di tingkat 2.

Jiran moment. Luv tis!

Another jiran moment. :)
And agaaaiinnnn another jiran moment :)
Lyraz moment :)
Lyraz family moment :)
My man:)
My lil darling Jasmin yang sangat kuat semangat! No more mood oledy tis time sebab dah penat.
Yay! Finally she reached the top! One lesson for my girl tat day; once you have started the journey, never give up and never stop, keep on walking, cos there's always a good things waiting at the end of the road. :)
Omak dan apak kaki menyakat!
This photo was taken on our way down the hill. It was quite scary for Jasmin as it was very steep.
And YAY! We made it! Lotih tapi pueh ati!


BUNDA a.k.a KN said...

Amboi! dah climbing2 pulak...best jugak bunda dengar...pengalaman baru ke? atau dah bisa climbing before?
Apa pun teridi juga masa kan...enjoy...dan dapat lah lupa sekejap moment2 suram sebelum2 ni kan...
Salam ziarah dari bunda mu...

Norliza Nordin said...



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