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Monday, 14 April 2014

Skin care class dengan jiran-jiran saya

Dah terok sangat pulak rasanya kalau tiap kali up entry sumenye stock cerita berair mata.

Move on lilly. 
Let go; 
all of the sadness, the sorrow, 
sent away all the negative thoughts. 

Ini entry tertunda yg sepatutnya ai published on 3rd march but all my planned turn upside down. 
God knows y...

Kesempatan sejak duduk rumah baru yang dah pon genap setahun dan untuk mengenali my neighbour sebelah-sebelah rumah, so sahabat-sahabat wanita lorong rumah saya planned untuk buat aktiviti suai kenal dan ramah mesra. 

Secara kebetulan, my adik from my college dulu wanted to come over to my house sebab nak buat demo tentang kecantikan. So apalagi, alang-alang orang nak datang nak kongsi ilmu, we planned to have a skin care class and invited all the housewife yang interested nak belajar teknik penjagaan kulit muka. 

So ai sugggested untuk buat skin care class as we all know how wanita sangat dekat dengan kecantikan dan mostly that will interest us more. 

The representative of Mary Kay, Ms mira as the beauty consultant has shared some of the tips on how to take care of our skin.

Honestly, it benefit us a lot. We learn the technics in terms of how we actually have  to take a good care of our skin especially our face. She actually shared the correct technic how to applied the cleanser to our face yang kebiasaannya we all just tenyeh ikut suka hati sebab nak kejar masa. 

Not just that, she also gave us some motivation for us to have confidence in life by changing our daily appearances not just applying the make up but also how we wear our cloth, our hijabs and so on.

At the end of the class, we had a lipstick party which mean everyone of us was given a lipstick to try and we had to kiss on the paper given. The shape of our lips determined our personality.

Indeed it was a very knowledgeable class for us and apart from that we got to know each other more. :)

The youngest participant of the day... :P

Bila ada perjumpaan kaum wanita ni, memang tak sah kalau tak buat potluck party. So every one of us have to bring our own signature dan lepas habis kelas boleh la rasa air tangan mak-mak ni semua. 

Big thanks to the owner of the Tadika Tunas Ilmiah; Pn Yani sebab allowed us to use her place and utilised some of the facilitise kat tadika dia. 

We plan to have a gathering soon. We share everything now in our wassap group and share some ideas and plan to have few activities such as aerobic session, netballing, usrah and even cooking class in the near future.

Some of the food that we brought for potluck. Yums! Yums!

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