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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Travelogue: National Elephant Conservation Centre, Kuala Gandah, Pahang

Throwback short trip cuti raya hari tu. 
A half day visit to the so called elephant orphanage sanctuary in Kuala Gandah, Lanchang, Pahang.

This is the place i kept on telling the kids and unfortunately ai have been keep on postponed it since early this year. Alhamdulillah, cuti hari raya yang ada hari tu saya gagahkan juga ke sana. 

Thanks to RM sebab recommend us to go there. A good place for the kids to get close with the natures and of cos they can watched and touched and even feed the elephants by their own.

No entrance fee required and it's open to public starts 10am until 4pm. 
 Before these there were few activities yang jabatan perhilitan anjurkan seperti elephant ride and bathing with the elephants. However recently they cancel those activities in order to relieve stress for the elephants in order to minimize the human contact with the elephants. Anyway, we still can watch the video documentary starts in the afternoon.

That day, we reached the sanctuary around 1030am and we left early and didn't wait for the vids activities cos everyone dah tak sabar nak check in di Janda Baik.

Of cos, this trip was an amazing experienced for the kids. It's good for the kids.
Kids really enjoy feeding the elephants especially when they touched the elephant trunk. You actually can feel the air from the elephant trunk sucking the food from our hand.

Jasmin wasn't really brave enough to hand feed the elephant. Adam is the champion as always, ultraman katenye... mana nak takot kaaaannnnnn~~ And Orked, she's still baby to understand everything but of cos she showed good response when she saw the big elephants.
Lets scroll down all of our pictures taken at the sanctuary.

Info bahasa: Gajah dalam pelbagai sebutan di seluruh dunia.
This girl was the happiest kid on earth that day!
This is the area where visitors can joined the bathing with the elephants activities. Now no more!


Cute baby Dara the baby elephant.
Cant' remember tis guy name but he is cool!
There were five elephants there ready to be feed. You can buy the food from the nearby stall and feed them with bananas, peanuts and sugarcane with affordable price.
Budak paling tak takot! Eleh, baby elephant boleh lah.....
Takot tapi mahu.
My little ultraman on stembai mode in case the elephant nak sedut kepala abahnye~~~ Hadoi...... :)
And one pic of me; a moment not to be missed with the kiddos and the elephants.
Orked moment with the elephant. I can't let her walk by herself cos she would picked up everything she saw on her way and put everything inside her mouth.
And of cos the parent as always need a pic moment together but kena redha selalu sebab biasanya akan dipenuhi dengan photobomb anak-anak. Sigh***


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