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Monday, 22 September 2014

Orked-ku Sakit

Assalammualaikum kiddos. 

Phew. What a long holiday. Ai just come back to work today after a long leave last week. 

Thank God my RM and Engineer outstesen ke JB hari ni. So let's beloging kejap cos ai don't have my own sweet time kat opis ni when they around. Of cos they don't mind pon but it's not good lah kot.

Orked sakit. Dah sebulan lebih sebenarnya. 

On off URTI. And due to that, the flu has infected her ears!

Kronologinya, last August, at first it started when we found out macam kudis api sekitar muka Orked. Keluar bintik berair merah gitu sekitar mata dan telinga.

And later she started to have fever.

And of cos diikuti dengan flu yang forever never stop.

Later the flu yang membawa ke demam berbalik-balik.

And now, the flu infected her ears.

Can you imagine how a mother would feel seeing her daughter hadap penyakit bertimpa-timpa macam ni.

You tell me, which mother yang nyenyak tidor malamnya bila anaknya sakit. It was a nightmare for me!

Yes, dugaan besar buat saya. Especially bila kena hadap macam-macam tanggapan semua orang yang dok sebok jadi tok hakim. Well, ai try not to blamed anyone cos every single matters that come to me is only because i am the one yang create it sendiri. Redha je lah.

Saya manusia biasa, not every responsible ai can handle myself but anyway Alhamdulillah, ai managed it wisely. Even what outside people nak kata, hey, this is my shoe, how can u fit ur feet in mine kan?

Anyway, Orked stays in nursery like 8 to 9 hours per day and of cos the baysitter akan look after her dari pagi sampai ke petang saya balik kerja. Ai put my 100% and extra 10% trust on my babysitter as ai don't have any other choices cos ai have to go to work to help my family financial.

No one understand us better except our own family. At this crucial time, ofkos ai need a support and usually ai referred directly to mommy. She have better experience. No doubt! Ai need mommy. I don't know what to do if she's not around.

From the private clinic and later on ai took her myself to KK Seremban pulak hope that goverment clinic can give some good medication and they gave her nebulizer and antibiotics and later gone back to the private clinic and last we went to the ENT clinic. 

Inilah dia, pengalaman membesarkan anak-anak. I can't imagine what happen if all my three kids jatuh sakit serentak. Rasanya ai'll take a year unpaid leave or maybe resign terus. Sigh~ huehuehue.
Alhamdulillah, this girl is getting better everyday!
At Dr Ch'ng ENT Clinic, Seremban

And yes, to release all the stress yang datang menimpa-nimpa lately, yesterday Razi took all of us for family outing. Orked haven't gone out since Monday last week except for her ENT checked up on Thursday. Ai preferred her to be stayed at home, well at least to made her feel better.

We went outing to the usual place. A good place to hang out with kiddos yesterday afternoon at Marrybrown Sendayan. Kids love going there cos ada playground yang not so crowded and ai also don't have to worry dengan safety mereka. Anyway, still trying my best to avoid the McD's for the kids as generally i am now practicing myself not to give them fast food anymore. In sha Allah.

And later to Mydin for some shopping and bowling. Yes, Bowling! First time for Adam & Orked but okaylah the place. Orang pon tak ramai. Senang handle anak-anak. Sadly no bowling pictures cos yesterday ai didn't bring my handbag and ai had to left my phone inside my car. Blergghh.

Anyway, it was a good quality time yesterday. There's always a good thing waiting at the end of the road, baik sangka aja lah. Good to see everyone and everything is back to normal again.

To made her feel happy and calm, ai had to change the carbonated drinks to mineral water. Pretending that she's having a Pepsi.
My super annoying adorable little rug-rats never failed to made me scream and shouting at all time. Hahahaha. So much story to share with u guys when u ols grown up nnt.

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rini.borhan said...

Hope orked dah sihat..biasalah kan ank tak sihat..jadi ibu memang kena bertabah..lelagi ibu2 berkerja cam kita ni..

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