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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Jasmin's 4th Birthday

Jasmin's 4th Birthday
We celebrate Jasmin's 4th Birthday few days early this year. Jasmin birthday was on the 7th August. We had family Ifthar on 4th August so sambil menyelam minom air, same like last year, we celebrate her birthday at PDGCC.

It was a very simple one but she still enjoy her birthday celebration together with her cousins, uncle and aunties, nenek and opah. Atok not joined us for Ifthar cos he has to be at home, demam. Sian atok, sakitnya on and off and this Ramadhan only, dah tiga kali ke IJN. Praying him for a fantastic health especially for these coming Hari Raya. aamiin....

Requested earlier by Jasmin, she told me, she want Angry Birds cake. She is so obsessed with those ugly-angry-noisy birds! What to do, ikot je lah. Even at my office, my office mate called her Angry-Birds as everytime i took her to office, first thing on hand was my HP and the angry bird games!

Oh kiddos nowadays... sangat advance! Last time when i was about her age, i knew only about polisentri, baling selipar, legos, barbies, main nyorok-nyorok, but not for my millenia-Jasmin!

Rasanya, dah agak lama tak hapdet Jasmin's milestone kat belog ni. Everytime asyik copypaste others people point-of-view dan hanya ditempelkan kat sini. Huuuu... seriously, TIME has been always the reason for me not to write something loooong; like what i did today.

Nevermind, my belog is for Jasmin to read in future, so who cares ada hapdet ke tidak, pendek atau kontot. Sigh~~

Okay, Jasmin start her kindy this year. So far, i experienced loads of new things with her until now. As i shared my story here earlier on her first day of school, Jasmin went to English-medium kindy with Chinese language. She attend her kindy from Monday-Friday; 8am-12noon and Saturday she have Agama class from 930am-11am.

Mostly 90% of her kindy friends was Chinese and the balance was Indian and Malay. She told me, she had three best friends, Darius, a Malay boy, Chi An, a Chinese boy and Darshini, an indian girl. All her friends was in the same class; 4 Strawberry. And one malay girl; Puteri; she was on 4 Orange class.

Jasmin progress very well at school. She now can speak and understand very little Chinese, can understand and converse very simple english and she is so PRO in singing all english and chinese song. Oh, something to share, so amazing to hear she sing chinese song when we both kat The Store for shopping, and the mall buka lagu cina, and suddenly she sing along! Apakah?

We went for Jasmin's parents day to take her progress report on the 17th June. Untuk 6 bulan yang pertama, bagi Jasmin yang first time attend kindy, she progressed very well. Her teacher said, Jasmin need to joined for more extra curricular to developed her self esteem and confident level. All kids like that. To build their inner strength bukan makan sehari dua hari, it takes berterusan.

Oh satu lagi her teacher told me, she is very soft at school. Nak tergelak pun ada bila teacher dia cakap macam tu. She is so vice versa bila di rumah. She was more aggresive whent at home. Jasmin.... Jasmin.....

For her exam, she got very good marks. BM & English, 100%. Math 98%, Science 92%, Moral 98%, Agama Islam 78%, Moral 90%, Komputer 98%, Chinese Language 98%. Drawings she got B- she drawn Octopus. (hurm sgt tak artistic macam Ibu!)

So for me, tak perlu lagi nak kisah sangat dengan exam budak 4 tahun macam Jasmin. Still early for her to get serious about exam.

For me, I just want to exposed her to the school environment and as long she can coped with all that, so in future nanti senang, dah pandai berdikari dan berkawan dan pandai nak uruskan diri sendiri.

Her homework basically was all about writing for BM, English and Chinese letters. She knows all the alphabetical A-Z and knows how to write them without refering and look back at the letters. And even she already knows how to write her own name. Alhamdulillah...

But not everyone kat dunia ni ada sisi mulia putih berseri je kan. Jasmin juga ada sisi hitamnya juga. The worst thing about Jasmin and for me is to wake her up every morning and took her to bathe. Sangat annoying! Only God knows how i feel! Shouting, cubit-cubitan, hanger, kena lepuk kat kaki, kena ketuk, u name it, semua pernah merasa. Sangat menguji jiwa ibu mu setiap pagi, Jasminnnnn.....!

Anyway, for last school holiday on last June, her kindy has organised a holiday camp for all the students. Jasmin had a very interesting and knowledgeable school camp for one week at school. The school took her for outdoor activities at Starfresh AgroPark, in school activities, they had craft activities, making soaps, scrapbooks about fruits and other craft things from recycle things. What a wise way to spend the school holiday effectively and not just staying at home playing games and watching TV.


Anyway, the best gift ever for Jasmin this year is from Su-Cha. Specially made from the heart. Thank you !

"Happy 4th burpday Jasmin (in advance)! Sorry, su-cha gives u such a hi-sugar, hi-fat & hi-calories burpday present. This actually remarks how "hi" my love for u... cecey~ pls b a gud gurl! "

Doa ibu untuk Jasmin; Ibu harap Jasmin membesar menjadi anak yang terbaik untuk ibu dan abah, kakak yang baik untuk Adam dan sentiasa menjadi terbaik pada diri sendiri. Dimurahkan rezeki dan dipermudahkan urusan. Diberi kebijaksanaan dan kesihatan yang baik. Berakhlak dan berperibadi yang baik. Daaaaaannnnnn yang paling penting sekali, tolong laaaaaa jangan melalak menangis setiap kali Ibu suruh Jasmin perg mandi setiap pagi......!!!!

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