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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Jasmin and Adam; First Day of School

Assalammualaikum Kiddos, 

Tadika Tunas Ilmiah, Tmn Nusa Intan, Senawang
Today is the first day of school for both my kiddos; Jasmin and Adam.

Tis year, ai enroll them to the nearest kindy, Tadika Tunas Ilmiah at Taman Nusa Intan, Senawang. Only few steps away from my house. Senang nak hantar, senang nak ambik.

My happy smiling little girl is going to school today!

Alhamdulillah, Jasmin has no problem at all nak bersiap pagi ni ke sekolah. Tis year she is attending the 6 years old class and supposely she have no problem at all on the fisrt day of school sebab literally she already undergo kindy since she was 4 years old. Enjoy ur last year in kindy my girl cos next year u'll be in Standard One!

Getting ready to school. Adam not wearing his uniform today cos dia cakap besar. Betuah punya anak!
Cerita Adam?
Tis year ai enroll Adam to playgroup. Altho' baru 3 years old tapi ai want him to be independent. Ai know it's too early for him, but Adam has learn lot of things from his sister and dats make him nak try dan ikot apa yang Jasmin buat. 

Summore, to develope his inner skills like confidency level and self esteem, so ai enroll him tis year, eventho' he still pakai diapers but the good thing is they will teach Adam toilet training. So, my expectation is that Adam can fully use the toilet for wee-wee and ook-ook by middle of tis year. In Sha Allah.

Anak-anak Abah. Itu Abah, ini Abah, semua Abah.

Anyway, here are some pictures ai took from their teacher's facebook. Today is more like orientation session for the kids and hope they enjoy the session for the rest of the day.

Nampaknya Adam masih berkepit dengan teacher dia! It's good to see the kindy provide a welcome cake on the first day of school for the children and the hat look's cute! Macam ada party pulak. :)
Shooo cute cat. Hope Adam boleh get along with each other soon. But ai wonder y baju dia dah tukar awal. Huehuehue.
Haha! No more Darius, now she have Umar as her new friend.

Selamat bersekolah, anak-anakku.
Ya Rabb,
jadikan anak-anak kami,
Cerdik akalnya, cerdas fizikalnya, terpelihara akhlaknya dan mampu jadi anak-anak soleh dan solehah jadi kebanggaan kita semua dunia dan akhirat. 


faraherda.razalan said...

Wah! Comelnya tgk diorang ni! Comelnya Jasmin dgn uniform! Heheheheh! Tak sbr nak anta Aydin g skool. Hahahah~ Tapi dia lom ready lagi. Mmmm....tunggulah next year. Nak tgk gak dia pki uniform.

Adam tu, sgt comel!!!!!!!!!! Cheeky je rupanya. Heheheheh!

aizamia3 said...

bila tengok anak2 pergi sekolah, mak yang terlebih teruja.. seronok tengok dorang tak takut malah seronok dapat kengkawan baru.. ;)


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