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Friday, 21 January 2011

It wasn't so bad sangat......

Today is my second antenatal check up with KKIA. Since my first visit on the 13th Jan, the clinic still not disappoint me yet especially on the quality of services. Not so like others people keep complaining negatively regarding this and that but somehow i found it different way... but I know it's still too early to judge them as it was only my second visit and I'm not sure how it will take at the G.H. soon.....

I had to go to the clinic myself without Jasmin and hubby as I am so sangat serik to what has happened last time dengan Jasmin hari tu. So, this morning hubby has to sent Jasmin to nenek's house and then off to work.

Well, I had my appointment at 1000am and I reached the clinic around 0930am. As I am not sure how the numbering/ turn procedure is, I make myself to come early so that I won't get any kata-kata tak sedap dengar especially from the nurses. Anyway, everything's go with the flow and lucky me the clinic wasn't so packed with pregnant mothers and I have to wait for 10 peoples before my turn come up.

I take my seat near the doc's room and after few minutes waiting, one of the staff nurse called all the mother's who are still waiting for their number to come up to enter one of the room's for 15 minutes briefing on the "Breast Cancer".

"Bagosnya pulak diorang ni...."

So, orang memberi kita merasa, sambil mengisi masa lapang menunggu turn dipanggil, dengan senang dan rela hati, straight I went to the room. The staff nurse is very friendly and the briefing is very simple and compact indeed. Explaining to me on how to detect whether it was inside our body or not and how the breast cancer effect to all woman like me and aware me on how to prevent and doing the self-check (the PSP test). Sangaaaaattt berguna the info and again I tell you it's FOC okay!

This is my pink book provided by KKIA. All the details regarding my pregnancy akan disumbat semuanya di dalam cute pink book ini.

And this is the summary on my antenatal check up with Dr today... So my next appointment with Dr will be on the 14th April.
To be clear here, all the mother's will not get to see the KKIA doctor every month (but KPJ is defferent where we get to see our Gynea every month) and as for my  monthly check up, I akan berjumpa dengan Jururawat Masyarakat sahaja. As for my first time visit hari tu, the JM was quite friendly, helpful and tak adalah harsh sangat dengan kita. One of the JM assistant check my body top to toe and she also did the PSP test for me and showed me how to D-Y-I at home. However before this, I tak rasa semua ni pun masa kat my faveret Gynea.... heh! 

Hurm, tak nak trying to be bias sekarang ini so both option yang I ada sekarang ni pun ada good and worst-nya. And for me now and after, tepuklah dada tanyalah selera.    

Berhati-hatilah dengan urusan dunia kerana halalnya dihisab, haramnya diazab.


aLL abOut famiLy said...

kadang2 mencuba tuh tak salah kan~...oke kan...???..cuba angin kajaan plak..hihihi~

lily abd ghafar said...

betol! betol! betol!


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