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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Apa yang perlu, apa yang tidak......

January or perhaps 2011 wasn't a good start for me though....
I know I've been shoooo quite lately, derrgghhhh....
Feeling a bit down and a bit so-not-like-lily-always....
Have to accept the fact that my mak kucing has leaving me without saying any goodbye (bau bangkai eee pon takdo!sob!)
and have to accept the fact that there was a one tiny-miny-2cm fibroid in my uterus, very near to my baby.... sigh~~ 
and "amazingly" yesterday I just had a food poisoning + gastritis and almost warded...
And until today I'm still having the pain in my stomach...
And the sickness of nausea & fatigue & dizziness still occured in the evening after work, it's stresses me out a lot!

What a month!  

What stressed me the most is my fibroid issue.
Dr Ishak conformed me on my last visit on the 8th Jan telling that there was a small-like-fibroid on my uterus wall. Dr Ishak told it wasn't going to be a harmful or serious case as the fibroid size will decrease when the baby's is getting bigger. After all, it still scares me enough!

On my reading, for some serious cases, it will effect to the mother itself and also to the baby as it will increase the risk of miscarriage if the fibroid cling to the baby.

"Bagi wanita mengandung pula, fibroid boleh menyebabkan komplikasi termasuk keguguran, sakit bersalin sebelum waktunya dan kesakitan akibat daripada infarksi yang berpunca daripada kekurangan bekalan darah atau menyebabkan kedudukan bayi tidak normal dan terpaksa menjalani pembedahan Caesarean semasa bersalin." ** www.intim.wordpress.com

Complications of Fibroids During Pregnancy 
Though fibroids tend to grow in size during pregnancy, it is unlikely that they will cause you any symptoms. Some pregnant women do experience minor symptoms, particularly pelvic pain and light spotting. This is especially common if you experience fibroid torsion, when a fibroid growing on a stalk begins to twist. However, most pregnant women will not even know that the fibroids are there.
Most pregnant women who have fibroids will not experience any complications with their pregnancy either. However, fibroids during pregnancy do increase your risk of miscarriage/ preterm labor slightly. Occasionally, complications can arise if your fibroids become very large. Complications can include: or
  • postpartum hemorrhaging
  • obstructed labor (if the fibroid grows into the birth canal)
  • fetal malpresentations (sometimes fibroids grow into the uterus, forcing your baby into an unusual position)
  • stalled labor
  • cesarean section
So on the 13th Jan, on myself consciousness of this fibroid-thinging takes me to have a check up in government hospital. I have made my antenatal check up at Klinik Kesihatan near my house to ensure and back up me if there's any possibility might happened in the future. Frankly said, it is beyond my ability to have a C-Sec in private hospital as it will cost me a thousand RMsssss. (baik den simpan duit pegi makan angin)

Beraninya kita kerana kebenaran
Takutnya kita kerana kesalahan
Peritnya rasa kita kerana pengalaman
Tegarnya kita kerana kepayahan

Ans as for Jasmin development now, it's difficult for Jasmin to accept the fact she'll be having a new company soon.... Still called herself as "adik" even though sudah banyak kali pujuk to called herself as "kakak"

p.s. Dari Abu Zar r.a., dia mendengar Nabi s.a.w. bersabda; "Seorang lelaki yang menuduh lelaki lain jahat atau menuduhnya kafir maka tuduhan itu berbalik kepada dirinya seandainya orang yang dituduhnya itu tidak seperti itu." - Sahih Bukhari


gedek! said...

ish ish ish... susahnya ngandong... my wife swlalu cakap... "korang mana tau? Guys dapat the fun part je..."


lily abd ghafar said...


ya betol!

bukan salah ibu mengandung,
salah bapak tak pakai alat pelindung...

p.s. sakit gigi pon rasa terok jugak!


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