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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Adam; 53 Days of Life

Went to Dr Wan's Clinic ( Paediatrician SSH Seremban) today to do another check up on Adam's breathing condition which still ada lagi until now and for some people around me find it macam makin worst sebab sound tu dah makin kuat dan kerap dan his chest shows makin ke dalam (berlekuk). First time dulu check up at Dr Liu his chest looks fine sahaja however I notice it looks different since last week. And when we had Iftar at my parents house yesterday, my sister advise me to have another check up with another paed. At least two different specialist to confirm what is wrong with Adam actually. Frankly, I can't sleep very well last night, thinking about Adam condition, how much worst it will be. Even in the car today, I told hubs that if Doc confirms that Adam is facing such dis and dat problem, I know my Hari Raya will be so not to call a Hari Raya....... wuhuuhuu~~


She explain the same thing as what Dr Liu has explain before. Adam's esofagus is still small and soft, which cause him to make a sound when he is breathing. She said, it will become louder lagi bila Adam dah 3/4 bulan above, bila dia sudah semakin active bergerak. Usually it will last until 6 month or a year or two depends on the baby's growth and development.

As per her advise, Adam's need special monitoring everytime to avoid chocking atau tersedak. It's better to let him sleep secara mengiring so at least some of the otot will support the saluran pernafasan. And for some serious cases, if his esofagus still tak matang lagi, maybe doc akan tebuk satu lubang di bahagian leher untuk memudahkan pernafasan. Oowhhh, mintak2 dijauhkanlah semua tu, mintak2 Adam diberikanlah kesihatan yang terbaik. Amin!

We need to see her again another 3 month for her to observe Adam's development.

By the way, Adam weight 4.19kilos today which mean he is healthy dan sedang membesar bagai juara and the best thing today is, Adam sikit pun tak nangis jumpa Dr Wan hari ni, siap ajak berborak-borak lagi. Hoping that Adam will grow up as healthy as a normal baby can be cos there are lots of amazing things we need to discover and experience together with Ibu, Abah and kakak minmin....

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