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Friday, 2 July 2010

Rumah Tumpangan Kalabu Malami

Happy July. It's a pleasure to have some times to updates something from my inside heart here.
Writing without limits.
One place for me to express my feelings.
Sharing all my thoughts.
Giving peoples some ideas of living.

I realize that there's a Magpie bird nest in front of my pintu masuk rumah. I was noticing the mommy magpie build her nest since last month and her babies already hatched just a week ago. As routine for the magpies babies, they chirps every morning and maghrib time, chirping for their mommy's for foods. And the mommy magpies never failed on her duty. So tender loving caring mommy!

I have no ideas why must the mommy magpies are having their great time in front of my house and suka-suka hati buat sarang di atas DB board itu, but for me, the bird is God creatures, we are living in the same earth same planet so why should bother argue; Sharing is caring.

Jasmin is so excited whenever the mommy magpie fly to the bird nest. I remember one day, she was pointing and the bird nest and called me "Ibu......." and i tell her ".... itu bird nest...

And every evening when we reached home from nenek house, she will point at the bird's nest and told me;
"Ibu, be-berd nesh..."
 (no more observing and pointing at cicak hehe!)

It is heart-wrenching when from days to days, we've been hearing on the "buang bayi" case. Somehow, I pelik coz some human-being yang sesuka hati father-mother mereka yang sampai hati to left their babies alone without any help.
Why are in the world all these silly.blunt.sick-in-the-head.gilax.idiot person wants to abandoned such a lil' pink cute babies and left the babies in such a horrible places.

Please have some times to visit these website and give support on these effort for savings all these abandoned cute lil' babies. Share your love, cares and secure them.

I heard about these BABY HATCH few days back on Buletin Utama. On my first thought, I don't agree with the ideas of having a shelter or one place for some idiots to left their babies and give someone strangers to look after. It is not fair to the babies. Their parents are having great time outside and at the end of the day,throwing their own fleshblood to the orphanage home. Sangat KEJAM!

After all on my second thought, it is more horrible if we found the innocent baby on the waste dumps, toilet, dustbin, kaki lima etc etc. The Ideas of creating the Baby Hatch is better than no place/ no source on helping the babies. So may god Bless the one who helps all those babies.

P.S. :
Can you just imagine for a second if the cute baby turns out to be someone like Jasmin?
Rugiiiii wooooo....
Appreciate on what God has given to us.
Just think of the future you people!

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