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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Adam; 30 Days of Life

Hi! I'm 1 month old today ya know!
Alhamdulillah.... today Adam is one month old! Yeay! Syukur Adam is growing up healthy and his weight as updated is 3.7kilos. About a kilos jugak berat Adam increase and absolutely he is exclusively breast feeding. He eat what ibu's eat. So far his jaundice dah ada berkurangan and he maintain nice yellow poopoo and clear weewee. So, from there I know that his jaundice is so-not-problemo!

Today Adam got his one month old shot! and he gave us a high-pitch-shouting! Suara Adam memang satu tone dengan Jasmin, so i'm sure, i'll be having hearing problems before i reach 40! o.0

Supposedly I have to do it at KKIA, but I'm thinking of giving up to have any commitment with the KKIA. I don't think I can follow all the appointment when I already start work. I hate waiting and even Adam will agree with me too. After discussion with hubby and after given a long thought, deduct here and there, consideration this and that, so, i've decided to have all the immunisation at Jasmin's fave paed clinic, Dr Liu. So far, he is okay, very soft and friendly babies doctor. Even today, he help to calm Adam after Adam had he's shot! Such a caring doc.

Jasmin is not so helping today. Always with her tantrum. Started when we were at the petrol pump and later on at the clinic when she pull my leg sebab tak nak balik dan nak terus main kat situ and i don't understand padahal kat rumah permainan dah penuh satu bilik dan terpaksa mengupah gula-gula di kedai 2ringgit kalau tak lagi parah sebab dia nak naik binataang yang kena masuk 50sen tu. Puuuufffff~~

p.s. Today's morning, I accidentally ter'clip his finger instead of his nails. Errghhh, ada minor bleeding tapi tak worst sangat. I'm sorry Adam!


laila said...

helo adam...selamat 1 bulan..sooori lambat nyer nak wish for small adam there....anyway congrats to mum yerrr....

lily abd ghafar said...

thanks kak laila.... meh la dtg umah bwk baby amanda jumpe ngan baby adam...


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